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A Tour of Mistletoe Creek (so far)

The depot platform is right at the center of the sim, so it’s where new people are most likely to show up. There will be notecards, LMs, and freebie stuff here.

Ticket window inside the depot.

Benches opposite the ticket window.

The main street, stepping out the front of the depot. The saloon on the left. The street leads past the hotel, Doc Foster’s office, the side of the Sheriff’s office, the school, the church, the blacksmith, and up to the undertaker’s building.

The Riverview Hotel, exterior.

The front desk.

The Sunny Side Up Café, downstairs in the hotel.

Doc Foster’s office.

The one-room schoolhouse, and one-slightly-larger-room church. Child avatars will be welcome and encouraged, especially at the school.

Interior of Mr. Skulldigger (the undertaker)’s shop, so far. Coffin made by Grimley Graves (I think?).

The blacksmith/tack and harness shop. Blacksmith accoutrements made by Shai.

The entrance to Town Hall. The rug in the lobby was a gift from our Ute neighbors. There’s a photo of current President Grant above the stairway. And the flags have 37 stars.

The council/meeting chamber upstairs, and our lovely Mayor demonstrating the podium ;).

I have an office! Hooray! It doesn’t have a door on it, nor anything in it, yet.

Downstairs on the first floor, we have the Municipal Courtroom.

Outside, a small corral next to the livery stables. We are now a TWO horse town! Horses by Jon Haskell.

Our grand Bandstand in the center of town. The large greenish building behind and to the left of it is the Modern theater.

The Modern’s interior.

Vacant shops.

The bank, in progress. After all, what else are bad guys gonna rob? A train?

Just east of the town, the streams converge. A bridge has since been built.

We’re going to head southeast now, toward the mountains.

View from the foot of Ute Mountain: the rear of the hotel, and the depot.

The Ute encampment at the top of the mountain.

In between the mountains, just south of town, a prospector’s camp by the river.

View of the town from Prospector’s Summit.



5 thoughts on “A Tour of Mistletoe Creek (so far)

  1. aaaahhh Mistle! we are both in the fiever of building, I couldn’t realise that while I was spending about 6 hours on a simple prim of water you were building a town!!! I’ll come to morrow to see that “for real”, I hope you’ll come to have a look too in my asiatics things! Hugs!

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