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Morning in Philomenaville

What was originally going to be the City of Philomena has gone more small-town, now that it’s got its own land on Bruda Plateau in Jeogeot, and has been re-imagined as Philomenaville. Here are some early photos of the work in progress. Click each for larger.

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The Professor Gets a Makeover

Before.  Taken about a year ago.
Before. Taken about 3 years ago.
Many of us female avatars have male alts. Strawberry has her famous partner Manberry. I have Professor Archimedes (sometimes spelled “Archimides” because I typo’ed his username when I created him) Skytower. I would log him on when he and I used to perform live music as Cat Agus Cu. That’s him on the left. I took that picture a few years ago for his birthday, and didn’t log him on much more since.

Well, lately, I decided it’s time to bring his look into 2014.
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Last Night’s Skating Party

…was a SMASH success!




We had about a dozen people throughout the event, as many as twenty at one point. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and being social. Plus I even made a couple sales in Clover’s booth, and I have a feeling the merchants taking part in the Snowflake Hunt are seeing plenty of participation too.

We had so much fun, and people were saying “Let’s do something like this again soon!”, that I decided that on Sunday the 22nd, I’ll be throwing a birthday party there for yours truly. More skating, more dancing, more of the fantastic DJ Noir, and this time, cake! Keep an eye for more news about that.

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Photos from “The Nut” – Ballet in Second Life

I got an unexpected invitation to see a ballet in Second Life today, something I’d never done before. The Rose Opera House put on a performance called “The Nut”, which was an abridged version of the Nutcracker Ballet. Under the cut you’ll find my photos from today’s performance. Click each picture to see a larger version.
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I get to be Eleanor of Aquitaine!

My Eleanor of Aquitaine costume. For the upcoming Festival of King Richard, coming to Lionheart (where else?) in May.
My Eleanor of Aquitaine costume. For the upcoming Festival of King Richard, coming to Lionheart (where else?) in May.

I love “Archimides” so very much. My RL husband and life’s partner, he is often the voice of reason when I start to getting overwhelmed. Well, planning this festival in May was starting to overwhelm me and I was in full-on panic mode yesterday.

“So here’s what you do,” he said to me last night as we were retiring, “Get a handful of your very closest friends, the people you trust the most, and form a kind of committee. People you know will be there to handle things when you can’t be.”
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So, new blog, newish look, and new profile pic. This is the time of year where I like to change things up.


It’s taken a long time to get my avatar to what I really like the look of. Mostly because I have lots of other things in the queue ahead of personal appearance; also because I like spending my rare Ls on building stuff and texture uploads lately. But, I got a bit nostalgic for the old days, so I hope you’ll excuse what is probably a moment of narcissism as I put up a timeline of avatar pictures, from then (2008) to now (2013).

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Things that are Not Medieval, Vol. 1

I just learned today that Regretsy, one of my favorite websites, is hanging it up after three and a half years of whimsicle fuckery. Well in honor of them and their “Things That Are Not Steampunk” series, I’d like to offer some discoveries I’ve made while browsing the “Women’s Medieval/Fantasy Costumes” tag at the good ol’ Second Life Marketplace.

And so, without further ado…

this is not medieval

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