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So Much For Obscurity

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Someone (I don’t know who) once said that it takes an average of ten years to become an overnight sensation. I’ve had this little blog for, oh, a year and a half or so, but only now is it starting to get anything remotely resembling Heard Of. I’ve had ridonkulous spikes in readership in the past couple days; seems something got the attention of some Plurkers, not to mention the generous folks who worry so much about my money and how it gets spent.

So anyway, now that I know folks are actually reading this thing, it makes me put a bit of pressure on myself to come up with something interesting for you folks to read. Seeings how you’ve only recently come to discover my blog, there’s tons of back stuff to hold you over until I think of something. At least I hope so.

See, the thing is, I don’t blog for an audience most of the time. So I don’t focus on what X reader or Y reader would find interesting. I blog, purely and simply, to hear myself talk. Honestly, that’s it. But this much I can promise you: I don’t do boring-ass fashion blog posts. I gave one or two a try a long time ago and it was painful. I give about as big a flying fuck for virtual fashion as I do for real fashion. Does it cover me, keep me warm, and not make me look like an idiot? Good enough for me.

I’m opinionated, sometimes mouthy, and I talk here like I do in my own house. If you don’t like it, nobody’s forcing you to stay; but who knows, every now and then someone finds something they can relate to and I’m glad I can do that much.

You come upon my blog about my life in virtual worlds just as my real world is going through some major changes and lots of uncertainty. I don’t do well with uncertainty. I’m the kind of individual who has a Plan B, C, and D in place at any given time; and when things get uncertain, I kind of get scattered. As a result, my virtual world time has been decreasing of late. It’s something I intend to get back into once things are less scattered.

What other interesting stuff can I tell you about me, my writing, and this blog? I like semicolons; I like them a lot. I track IP addresses. I moderate all my comments. I’m bullshit-intolerant. But I’m also mostly harmless. So anyway, happy reading to you, welcome to the mess that is my blog, visit the ads and the links and stuff, and enjoy.