I miss you.

I miss you.

So the next Second Life Birthday is in planning stages. 13 already. Damn. Does that mean that this June would be my 10th rez-day? SLBs are the hardest time of year for me to keep away from SL, because they’re some of the best of what the grid has to offer all in one convenient … Continue reading

Following up

OK, so, my post yesterday. I really wasn’t expecting anyone to, like, DO anything. I was hoping, at best, for some “aw dude that sucks” and maybe a handful of Ls if I was LUCKY. You guys are gonna make me cry and stuff. My intent was to illustrate having a hard time staying on … Continue reading

I REALLY want to…

We’re struggling right now. Lost job, waiting on payment for invoices, waiting on refunds, waiting on being put on the schedule for a new job, waiting for new health insurance, waiting, waiting, god damn waiting. Rent’s paid for September, that’s a good thing. Got a T pass for September, that’s a good thing. Made a … Continue reading

Dr. Phil, Second Life, and Gaming Addiction

Dr. Phil, Second Life, and Gaming Addiction

So, as no doubt you’ve heard by now, Dr. Phil made an appearance in SL, and Ebbe made an appearance on Dr. Phil. Kudos to Dr. Phil for making clear that video games and virutal worlds are not by default bad. As I’ve said myself, they’re neither good nor evil, because they don’t think and … Continue reading

Another Phase Out

Deleted a chunk of people from the friends list at SL yesterday. People that I talk to already out of SL (so no need to keep them on my friends list), people I’m likely to never talk to, or else haven’t talked to in like five years, or else have no recollection of who they … Continue reading

The Legend of Zynga

So I have a Facebook (under a pseudonym). And one day to pass the time I decided to log onto one of those stupid Facebook games. I KNOW that it’s a Skinner box and little more. I KNOW that they’re designed to maximize the amount of time, money, and social sharing spent on the game … Continue reading

Heads Up

It really annoys me when I get offline IMs from people solely for the purpose of promoting their Next Big Thing. They can’t be bothered to read the nice big capital letters in my profile that say “RETIRED FROM SECOND LIFE”. It’s like, you want me to do this thing for you (time and time … Continue reading

Clo Can’t Cash Out

So I’ve been trying to cash Clover out. She’s the one with the Marketplace shop and is still getting some Ls here and there for it, so about a month or two ago I tied my PayPal that I use for Mistletoe to Clover’s account as well. Grand, right? Except, Clover isn’t allowed to sell … Continue reading

The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

We all know the trope: you were about 11 years old, and you had that one friend who claimed he had an uncle who worked at Nintendo and that that’s how he had all this inside information and goodies from the world of gaming. But what if the uncle really existed? Worse, what if the … Continue reading