Clo Can’t Cash Out

So I’ve been trying to cash Clover out. She’s the one with the Marketplace shop and is still getting some Ls here and there for it, so about a month or two ago I tied my PayPal that I use for Mistletoe to Clover’s account as well. Grand, right? Except, Clover isn’t allowed to sell … Continue reading

The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

We all know the trope: you were about 11 years old, and you had that one friend who claimed he had an uncle who worked at Nintendo and that that’s how he had all this inside information and goodies from the world of gaming. But what if the uncle really existed? Worse, what if the … Continue reading

” I don’t want to be [Avatar Name] anymore.”

There are extraordinarily good things about Second Life, and for many people it’s a balm, not a poison. And the friendships made in Second Life can be very real, and very enduring, such as in the case of my friend who wrote me. But for certain individuals, me (and from what it sounds like, my friend) among them, it can become toxic. My friend closed the email, wishing for all the free time back, to watch movies and read and really create things.

I SO KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. Continue reading

“Why wouldn’t I want to be Mistletoe?”

For some people, it’s an evil and sexually deviant world, with nothing positive to recommend it whatsoever, filled with people who only want to take from you and have nothing to offer of their own. A world rife with seductive delights and temptations as though coded by Satan himself. For others, it’s the very Fountain … Continue reading

Trying to Walk Away

I want, at this moment, to stay away from Second Life.  I’ve never had a serious addiction and so I don’t know what it’s like to quit, but I have this “weight lifted off my shoulders” feeling ever since July.  I feel free.  I’m creating things, I’m going outside.  I still have lots of RL … Continue reading

Again, July

Again, July

The moon is shining on the East Coast and the sun’s an hour away from setting where I am now. Right about now, all my SCA friends back in New England are gathering around their campfires for music and stories and tales of absent friends. And I’m the absent friend, wishing I was there now. … Continue reading

The Sky is Falling (again)!

There’s a thing that might come that could DESTROY SECOND LIFE FOREVER AND I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN MY STUFF EVER LASTING AND OMG WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO IF THIS BECOMES OBSOLETE?! In other words, the same thing that was said a hundred times before in Second Life. So, Linden Lab is working … Continue reading