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Another one bites the dust

‘I am not saying here, by the way, that this is all the fault of Lindens, or anything like that: I have, though, increasingly felt “this world is not for me”, particularly with issues such as the increasing split between “consumer” and “creator”, which I have written about previously.’

Ordinal Malaprop, here.

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To-Do list

  • Complete saloon construction
  • Complete Town Hall construction
  • Make costume for PJ
  • Make Native outfits
  • Make freebie outfits for newbies
  • Type up notecards for new visitors
  • Get newcomers’ display ready
  • Start the Ranch area
  • Continue with Ute Village
  • Work on Mountain Cabin
  • Do something with the SW space in town
  • Finishing touches on The Modern
  • Finish rooms in Riverview Hotel
  • Cell doors in Sheriff’s office
  • Get shop moved!
  • Doorsteps for shops (W end)
  • Street signs?
  • Lighting?
  • More clothes