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Turn your head and cough

I find it much much easier to take someone’s word for things and know whether or not they have an agenda when they have the courage to state who they are. I’m finding the fear of “harassment” hard to swallow, considering that the only thing resembling “harassment” I’ve gotten so far is anonymous posts from mostly anonymous sources (I say “mostly” because you can learn a lot from an IP address). I’ve not gotten a single post from a current OLGer saying that I’m wrong for questioning… or anything else for that matter. And yet here’s all this anti-OLG sentiment all of a sudden. My blog has never brought in so many new comments, at least since I banned that stalking sock-puppet who most certainly had an agenda. How can I not think these people have one?

So, if you want to be cowards, go ahead and be cowards. I’ll read what you have to say; I’ll even approve it so others can; but if you want me to even begin to remotely take you seriously, cough up a pair. Until you do, you’re having the opposite effect of what you intend.

Mistletoe Ethaniel/Clover Windlow in SL
Mistletoe Ethaniel in OL
Laura Foster in the rest of the world