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Self-serving New Year Post (2010-2011 edition)

It’s time to do what I did last year and review my virtual life over the past year, maybe make some predictions, and make some resolutions.

2010: Mistletoe In Review

January 2010 opened with me in OpenLife Grid and mostly out of Second Life (or so I thought). I had big plans to open up a region of my own in OL within a month or so, a Wild West RP sim called Mistletoe Creek. But frustration with OL was getting the better of me. Ultimately I decided to stick it out and try to open the new sim, figuring if it doesn’t work then at least I gave it my best shot. Meanwhile disgruntled former OLers were contacting me anonymously, and I called them out.

I also don’t want you to worry about me being “harassed”. I know you were fretting over it, which is why you protect your own identity. I mean, that harassment must be brutal. I for one never knew that digitized text could be such a dangerous thing, but then I’m green to many of the ways of the world. But at any rate, it should please you to know that nobody has harassed me. This cult of OLG supporters you all seem so worried about hasn’t said one word in opposition to me, even in my angriest rant. They must be scared of a 130-pound elf. I’m such a badass after all. Rawr. Fear the elf. FEAR HER.

By February, I was starting to get homesick for Second Life, and that had me conflicted. In a fit of nostalgia I logged onto SL and visited my old stomping grounds, but was saddened to see it so drastically different. It made me think the time had come to close up Mistletoe Creek now, before people got attached to it the way I did to Northfarthing.

Deciding to re-reinvent my virtual experience in OpenLife, I made a little sky parcel that I called Northstar. It was to contain my home, a small pub, and a handful of shops and booths of my various creations. Meanwhile I was starting to do what I really missed doing for months:

Clover’s Kitchen is making a reappearance in SL. There are a few items now in the Role Play Market sim (see the Medieval/Renaissance section, third floor), and before long at least one officially authorized vendor will have pretty near all 150 of Clover’s items available. Will Clover make some brand new items? Probably. I just can’t say when.

“When” came in March, when Clover’s Kitchen re-opened in full earnest in SL. I borrowed L$3000 from Tel and purchased a parcel in the multi-sim region of Lionheart and built a new main store. For the time being I was “bi-gridual”. Cat Agus Cu was going to play at Virtually Live Events in SL, but I had to cancel due to a RL scheduling conflict and was none too pleased with the guilt trip I received in return.

In April I moved IRL to a new house. The time spent offline gave me some time alone with my thoughts to realize that, despite how much I care for the friends I’d made in OL, that SL is where I should be. I hosted a benefit dance to raise awareness for Love146, a RL organization that fights child sex slavery and provides aftercare to rescued victims. And, I opened the Wee Little Irish Pub; the price was right (at L$219/wk for 116 prims) and I was thrilled to have a venue to play in whenever I felt like.

In May, I decided to give book publishing a go and opened Manic Elf. And, the Wee Little Irish Pub moved to a larger venue. Unfortunately that meant larger rent, and it meant worrying about pleasing other people in order to make rent to make tier.

And, I got very sexy new hair. Still have it now.

And, Cat Agus Cu played our first live show in Lionheart.

I spent June making tutorials for builders on how to get the most out of the least prims, based on lessons learned from having a 116 prim pub parcel. Also in June, 30% of the Lab’s workforce got pink slips. We had another fundraiser for Love146, and I cashed out over $100US to donate to them. And though the idea disgusted me, I gave into what Clover’s Kitchen’s customers wanted and began to list goods on XStreet again. And then there was much surprise, rejoicing, and skepticism when Phillip returned as Interim CEO.

And then, like clockwork, came the July crash. I tried out a small business for Petal, selling toys, but I got overwhelmed by it and soon let it fall by the wayside. Not much written in the blog for July, actually; but I did get inspired near the end of the month to jump-start sagging sales.

With August came greater frustration with the Pub, but also greater spurts of energy and enthusiasm as Clover. Sales were flourishing, due in no small part to a promotional event I organized with a handful of other businesses, and I was feeling the post-crash euphoria that leads me to falsely believe that I can do everything. Because I DID do everything. I started up the Lionheart Times (just in time for the Emerald Debacle) and threw my hat in the ring to run for Chair of Lionheart’s Chamber of Commerce (which I won handily.)

I went into September on top of the world (despite a particularly tenacious RL case of poison ivy). I’d outlined my plans for my term with the Chamber, I was staying on top of deadlines with the Times, I closed the pub but then bit of more than I could chew and opened Timon Corner (a park and shopping plaza… or rather, a hole in the shape of said, into which I poured gallons of money)… and then I got a RL job at last.

At the end of September, Adric Antfarm passed away IRL. It was a shock. He was a reader and commenter here.

And by October, the weight I’d heaped upon myself was taking its toll. RL work scheduling had effectively taken weekends away from me, which made it impossible to schedule meetings or events or devote the time to the Chamber that I feel it really deserved. I resigned and handed the position to Sookie Slafford, much to her delight.

I posted all of one entry in November, announcing the Group Activities Committee and plans for its Winter Carnival. By then my friend Thaddeus had begun work on Hidden Hollow, and the pre-holiday insanity began in earnest.

Which brings us now to December. I sent another donation to Love146 (bringing its total donations I brought in via SL to $470 US). I also cashed in some of my own savings, totalling about 75 dollars. I still haven’t purchased Ls out-of-pocket since February of 2009. Let’s see how long I can keep this streak going!


I really suck at resolutions, but let’s see what I can do here.

  1. Make at least one new product for each business per month. One new food, drink, or houseware item at Clover’s Kitchen; one new book at Manic Elf.
  2. Re-assess my time and priorities. Focus on the things that I enjoy, and the things that are paying my tier. Maybe not jump in over my head every single time I get a new idea.
  3. Work toward my RL business goal. Life’s too short to dream when you can be making the dream come true. I don’t have an elf’s lifespan IRL.
  4. Raise over $500 for Love146 in 2011. Because boy doesn’t it feel good knowing I’ve done something that really makes a difference!



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