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Things I’ve Never Done

So there’s a newish post at the SL Revolution (or as Hawks calls it, “The Rev”; ’cause all the cool kids have abbreviations. I’m not going to start calling my blog LITDF because it’s way less cool and I never claimed to be one of the cool kids anyway), listing 20 things the poster has never done [link] in SL. After reading it over and going “done it, done it, do it all the time…” I decided I’d give such a list a go. Considering my being an immigrant into a different country, I’m going to broaden mine a bit to be 20 things I’ve never done in a virtual world. Some of them I hope to get to, some I never wish to attempt.

1. I’ve never made a pose or animation.
2. I don’t think I’ve ever NOT had some kind of business going.
3. I’ve never owned my own sim.
4. I’ve (also, like the original list author) never met anyone in person that I’ve met in a virtual world.
5. I’ve never been in a Gorean RP sim (except to shop, and that very briefly).
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