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Where Everybody Knows My Name

I don’t talk much about RL here because I have other blogs/places to do that. But let it suffice to say that today in RL was an emotional whirlwind to match the blustery weather outside. It started with dragging myself unwillingly out of bed after a pep-talk from Himself, continued with a physically demanding work day which included sudden news and a visit that left me thinking “Of all the sub shops in all the towns in all the state…”, went on to have jaw-dropping surprising news, and now I’m wiped out.

You know what’s good after a day like today? A pint.

Course I don’t drink IRL. And the weather out there isn’t fit for man nor beast, what with roads flooding and a rattling wind. And so I turn to the wish-fulfilling element so appealing about virtual worlds: I turn to my virtual pub.

I have one, you know. A new one. It’s called the North Star, and it’s not “officially” open but folks are welcome to come in anytime to unwind and hang out. Which is just what I did.

Seamus the bartender’s a great listener. He listens more than he talks: a good quality in a barman. I’ll want to make him a t-shirt and apron.

Pay Seamus a visit at the North Star in Merina (in OL). That is, when we can go to OL again after the maintenance.

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“Plus Ça Change…”

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Plus c’est la même chose, plus ça change.” –French, “The more that changes, the more that stays the same. The more that stays the same, the more changes.”

I’ve closed up the western goods shop in OL, though I do still have a small location in Talian. I’ve also closed up Creek. Just not time yet.

I’ve rented a parcel in Merina, high above which I’m building a tiny quaint village. It includes the manor house I’ve always wanted but never had primmage for, a small pub, a couple small shop buildings, and some trees and fountains and pretties. The whole to-do is 4096 sq. m. The manor house is going to have a kind of Norman castle look about it, with some timbers and some wonderful “bumpitty” stone edging at the top wall. The dining hall has arched alcoves in the wall and a grand fireplace. There’ll be stained-glass windows with Celtic designs, torches, tapestries, all that good stuff. I still have some 800 prims left to play with. The pub will be called “An Réalta Thuaidh”, meaning the North Star, and have plenty room for a dance floor and a stage. The varied shopfronts will give a good venue for the varied items I make. One for clothes, one for household goods, etc.

Pics forthcoming.

For the first time in ages I was excited about building, without being overwhelmed by scale. I know it sounds appealing to have a whole region to play with, but I have to admit, having experienced it, I have more fun with a tinier workspace. It may not be logical but there it is. I had a hard time tearing myself away from doing “just one more thing” on my parcel tonight.

Also, Clover’s Kitchen is making a reappearance in SL. There are a few items now in the Role Play Market sim (see the Medieval/Renaissance section, third floor), and before long at least one officially authorized vendor will have pretty near all 150 of Clover’s items available. Will Clover make some brand new items? Probably. I just can’t say when.

So, there’s the news for now. I have got to get some sleep now.

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Love is a Verb

Or, an Elegy for a Sunken Island

It was the place I called home for over a year. It was a responsibility I took, with all my heart, for no reason other than love alone. But it was never mine. One could call that symbolic, perhaps, or a parallel. Call it what you will; I loved that fucking sim. Through drama, through loss, through tournaments and festivals and quiet times and embarrassing moments and goofy grief-fights, there was no single place on the entire grid I wanted to be more.

I get a sinking feeling every every time I see “Message from Second Life” as a subject in my inbox, because it inevitably means that more pieces of me have been sent back, and that a little bit more of the product of my love is gone.

When the day came that I broke the news that I was leaving, I was told that I was the one holding it together all along. But that’s part of the reason that I had to leave: it was never mine to hold together. Whether intentionally or not, so much of the me that went into that sim was taken for granted. I don’t mean by the populace at large. I mean by the person whose sim it is to hold together. It was a burden I could bear no longer. Some might say I was a quitter to turn my back on it. Others, that I was a fool for putting so much into it for so little in return.

But you see, I’m of the belief that love is a verb. When you love someone, or something, or someplace, you actively invest in it. You support with your whole being, expecting nothing in return except maybe a little love in return someday. You say, “I am on your side,” partly in the hope that one day it will be on your side. You make foolish decisions. You rise and fall and rise again. You bleed and you heal.

When you love someplace, you don’t just ignore it and expect it to take care of itself. You don’t sit silently and hope that someone else will come along and bring the “good old days” back again. Just like you don’t sit silently and hope that someone dear to you already knows how you feel, day after day after long day. Blame whatever you wish for the decline of the town; the true reason is that you who have it stopped actively loving it a long, long time ago. Somewhere along the line it changed from your home to that place down underneath your new home, and it was obvious to every resident or merchant that came and didn’t stay. Maybe you do still love it, in some way. But nobody would know that, to set foot on its grounds. No one. Just like I never knew you cared until the day I said I was leaving.

Love is a verb. Love the sim, actively, love the people who come to it, love the scenery and the buildings and whatever little else remains, and maybe it can be said that there is a future for it.

But deep down I think those days are gone.

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Can you go back home again?

So. Had a look at Northfarthing. Or at least the sea around said, in the bottom of which I rezzed, where once the inn stood.

That’s done, then.

So I’m wondering if the time has come to put Mistletoe Creek on the back burner, before people start moving in and getting attached to it. I haven’t had time to log into OL at all, let alone do anything with the sim. And I just don’t have the love for it I expected I would. And OL is still very much Beta, and I don’t know if I’m in a Beta mindset just now. There’s all these changes coming and I hate the idea of making an investment of time and energy to just have to start all over again. Not that I’ve had time to invest.

It may be the mood I’m in for the time being, I don’t know.

I’ll probably be more eloquent when I’m better rested.

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Things I Miss

I have to admit it, there are a couple of things I miss. I mean, even more than I miss knitting and having more time chatting and building stuff.

For one thing, I miss making food.

Food and drink were something I started making in SL as a fun hobby, just to see if I could. I liked the art of it, of making something look convincing and delicious yet at the same time prim-efficient. I liked that people were, well, eating it up. And that brings me to the other thing:

I miss making money.

Call me mercenary, call me what you will, but when I first heard of SL my immediate thought was, “Yeah, I’d NEVER have time for that.” Then I learned that you could actually cash the currency in for real money. I thought, hell, I made clothing and furniture back in Sims2, why not see if I could get some actual cash for it? And while it’s true that I didn’t exactly fund a vacation to Hawaii or anything, after a year’s time, I was pulling in actual cash.

I closed Clover’s Kitchen at the top of its game, when it was only getting bigger and better. I quit while I was (at last) ahead.

And yes, the fact that I think LL are a bunch of dishonest, greedy bastards hasn’t changed. The thought of giving them a cut of my earnings twice over to list at XStreet, for example, still makes me cringe.

But, just for the record, I miss Clover’s Kitchen. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

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Not dead; just injured

Just a quick “I’m not dead” post here. Something’s wrong with my left hand (wrist nerves in particular) so I’ll be taking the next few days off to rest it.

Himself said, “Well, boredom’s better than pain.”

I replied “Well… let’s see after two days if I agree with that.”

So for now Mistletoe Creek will remain a ghost town. I’ll get back to it when I can.