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Patience is a virtue; I never claimed to be virtuous

If I don’t come out and say it now, it’s likely to get worse.

I’m losing my patience. Numerous problems aren’t getting addressed. The shiny new viewer that we finally got (nearly 2 months later than we were promised) seems to be more problems than solutions to problems. Perhaps I’m seeing this through tired and cynical eyes, but man, it’s getting harder and harder to be chipper and remind myself and others to “just be patient”.

I am of the belief that OpenLife and 3DX are on a cusp now. It’s that awkward point between some guy makes a grid just to see what happens, and serious full-time business with a full staff. Content creators aren’t making ends meet because there’s no incentive for new people to come in, because there are so many problems it’s maddening. Problems, I’ll reiterate, that aren’t getting addressed. One such example is the Happy Helpers group (goofy name, I know, but stay with me). This was a group made specifically to help new people with their questions and problems. Never mind that there’s no way for a group to send out announcements so that offline members get them. Worse than that. A person opens up the group page for Happy Helpers wanting to join, and the whole damn app crashes.

How many new people have already been lost now? You log in, shit’s evidently very different from SL, you find a group of people who can help guide you through this process, you go to join it, and BOOM you crash.

I recognize that there are LOTS of issues to address, MANY more than one guy with a staff of two can handle. I understand that Sakai is more a tech guy than a social guy, but he has GOT to address this problem or he can honestly kiss his whole grid goodbye. The problem is not so much that there are problems; it’s that when people speak up and try to get them fixed, they hear NOTHING back. I can’t say “nothing”, honestly; what they hear back are those of us loyal diehards who want to encourage them and remind them to be patient.

Well I’m having a harder and harder time telling people that. I’m losing my own patience; how can I encourage someone else to keep theirs?

I honestly believe that I’m not ready to open up this region in February. There are so many issues that I’m going to run into that I’m not going to be in any position to do a thing about, since I won’t even own the land. And I don’t want my benefactor to go and shell out good money after bad for this. So I don’t know, I guess I’m on a cusp myself.