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For the Record

There are things about OL that frustrate and annoy me and will continue to do so; just as there are things with SL or any number of games I play or groups I take part in that will continue to do so. However, frustration and annoyance are not to a point where I’m in any way willing to give up on it. There are times when my husband or my cat or one of my friends will do something that drives me totally batshit, but it doesn’t make me want to just give them up. It’s like that in a way.

So, really, all your oh-so-altruistic concerns about my money and whether or not it gets wasted are truly touching. This is me, deeply touched. Really. Since you’re so concerned, it should please you to know that money isn’t coming out of my pocket for my project. My investment in it comes from a combination of saved Cs I’ve earned inworld, and the generosity of others. Not that it’s any of your business; I just don’t want you to worry yourselves so. If, of course, you are still worried about my financial situation, there’s a PayPal button there in the left margin.

I also don’t want you to worry about me being “harassed”. I know you were fretting over it, which is why you protect your own identity. I mean, that harassment must be brutal. I for one never knew that digitized text could be such a dangerous thing, but then I’m green to many of the ways of the world. But at any rate, it should please you to know that nobody has harassed me. This cult of OLG supporters you all seem so worried about hasn’t said one word in opposition to me, even in my angriest rant. They must be scared of a 130-pound elf. I’m such a badass after all. Rawr. Fear the elf. FEAR HER.

So while I really, DEEPLY appreciate your concern, I just want you to know I’m doing fine.

(P.S.: I would LOVE a shirt that says “Rawr. Fear the elf. FEAR HER.” Real or virtual. I’m not picky. Or proud.)