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Petal on the Road, Day 4, part 2

It’s time once again to check in with Petal, that intrepid nine-year-old explorer as she pedals her way along the main roads on the Mainland. Today being what would have been Jules Verne’s birthday, it seemed especially apt to include her visit to the Jules Verne Museum. So here we go…

Sim 40: Lily

The incredibly high bridge between Sutherland and Lily. I hadn't realized how high up the altitude was, til I saw this!!

The Jules Verne museum is AMAZING. I rode a zipline to get to it (no picture because I was going too fast and had to hold on!), then I got in an elevator. This is a replica of the deck in the Nautilus, the ship in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. There were jellyfish, big as my head!!

I don't have the words for how awesome it was to see so much amazing stuff under the water. It was like really being in the book!

And if that wasn't exciting enough, there was also a tour OVER the ocean! You should totally go and visit this museum in the sim of Lily!!

Sim 41: Hartwick

Sim 42: Guthrie

Sim 44: Ironjaw

Uh-oh. Looks like rainclouds.

Sim 44: Cavanaugh

Cavanaugh's got a lot of Middle Ages stuff, like castles, and this marketplace.

Sim 45: Bruin

A billboard in Bruin.

Sim 46: Sugarloaf

Sim 47: Isabel

A beautiful floating statue of an elf in Isabel.

I camped across the road from the Isabel Infohub. See you next time, when I report Day 5 starting from here!

Total Sims Visited: 47
Days on the Road: 4

Day 1.
Day 2.
Day 3.
Day 4a.

Day 5.
Day 6.



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