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O Canada – Petal On the Road, Part 3

One kid, one bike, and hundreds of sims – Petal is exploring the Mainland by way of the main roads; no TPing, no flying (unless she gets really stuck), and blogging as she goes.

We left off in Brauer, where Petal found some Mayan ruins in which to make camp. From there she continued on until the next intersection, which was in Ontario.

Sim 26: Ontario

Ontario's a province in Canada. It's much smaller than I expected. But I decided I'd continue straight (east), since my map showed a dead end not too far along. Then I'd double back to this intersection, and head south.

A scooter store in Ontario. Tempting!!

Sim 27: Superior

A steep drop into a village in Superior. So what'd I do? I held on tight and went for it!! Walking the bike back UP was the hard part...

Lots of rude drivers on this stretch. I'm a vehicle too, you jerkface!

Sim 28: Abitibi

PETA sign in Abitibi.

Giant Snail Races! I'll have to tell Auntie about this one, for her sports book.

Ginormous cross-country map.

Sim 29: Huron

SCREEEEEEeeeeeEEE! I knew it was a dead end, but holy cow! Here's where I turned around and went back to Ontario.

Sim 30: Athabasca

Huuuuge car dealership in Athabasca. I won some free textures from a lucky chair!

Sim 31: Manitoba

Manitoba happens to be the home of my friend PJ! So I called her up and asked if she'd come show me the sights. So she did! I pedaled real slow while she walked.

Sim 32: Alice

Just over the border into Alice, we saw a race course. Probably for mountain bikes. I'll stick with my road bike thanks!

We found a park in Alice to make camp. They even had spareribs! I pitched my small tent, and PJ slept in the big one. Thanks for coming along on the adventure, PJ!!

Total Sims: 32
Days: 3

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