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Petal on the Road – Part 4

One kid, one bike, and hundreds of sims: it’s Petal On the Road, the adventures of Petal as she explores the main road on the Mainland. No flying, no TPing (except to get unstuck), no money from home. Of course you have to suspend disbelief in thinking that any mom in her right mind would let a nine-year-old do something like this. But here we are, on Day 4 of her adventure, where she begins at a campsite in Alice. Let’s see where the road takes her today.

Day 4: departing from Alice and the delicious BBQ food. The weather is clear.

Sim 33: Kerchal

There is NOTHING in Kerchal. Well, almost nothing. Almost the entire land is a park. Kind of a national forest.

Sim 34: Cass

A lot of Cass is owned by the University of Michigan. I showed this to Uncle Arch and he shook his fist and said, "Go Buckeyes!" Adults are so weird.

A flower shop in Cass.

I'd get this tree for my mom for Valentine's Day, if I could afford it. Isn't it pretty?

Sim 35: Honeoye

I have like no idea how to pronounce "Honeoye". But anyway I found this gas station and diner and decided to make a stop.

It had good, really old music. Like from when Mom was a kid.

Another intersection! Time to check the map!

I decided to continue on South, and bear west.

Sim 36: Owasco

Pretty garden with a pond and a flag. Is this the Denmarkish flag? Maybe?

Sim 37: Bowfin

The sims around here are all named after fish. And there's a good reason. I could see and smell the ocean getting nearer as I went.

Wow, look at that boat!!!

Sim 38: Pimushe

Fishing at the Pimushe waterfall. I didn't catch much, but I got some dinner at the nearby Cafe Trivia.

Sim 39: Sutherland

Sim 40: Lily

Total Sims visited: 40
Days on the road: 4

Day 1.
Day 2.
Day 3.

Day 4b.
Day 5.



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