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Sleighbells and Yak Butter: Petal on the Road, Day 5

One Kid, One Bike, and Hundreds of Sims: it’s day 5 of Petal’s bicycle trip along the roads of the Mainland continent of Sansara. When we last left off, our intrepid nine-year-old explorer had made camp at the Isabel Infohub. Let’s see what she discovers on Day 5!

When I woke up in Isabel, near the Infohub, there were 51 avatars sharing the sim with me! There was also an intersection; I decided to go straight (south-west), further away from the crowds. OMG LAGGGGG. I thought I'd never cross that bridge.

Sim 42: Orient

Seriously. This bridge. It was like they covered it with duct tape the wrong-side up.

Sim 49: Gourdneck

Huuuuge tall towers above the road. At Gourdneck I studied the map for a long time before finally choosing which way to go.

Sim 50: Kania

Sim 51: Belmondo

As I crossed into Belmondo, I saw there was snow on the ground. I got my hat, mittens, and scarf from my pack, and zipped up my coat. Also? My teacher would TOTALLY yell at us if we spelled "you're" like that. She'd make us write it out correctly a hundred times.

Between the road and the ocean was this beautiful palace.

Cool, free sleigh rides! I parked my bike and hopped in, and the horse started to go immediately.

It was a beautiful day, but much colder when I wasn't pedaling. But there was a blanket in my pack so I wrapped up.

I saw mountains rising up to the side, in the distance. Umm, hey.... how long does this ride last, anyway?

Sim 52: Larsen

Sim 53: Rogla

Sim 54: Moritz

And then, the sleigh stopped. The horse wouldn't take another step. I got out and the sleigh de-rezzed. My map showed an infohub in the mountains, but to get to it I'd have to hike ALL THE WAY to the top of that big mountain.

As I walked (and walked and walked and walked), I saw this ginormous tree. Seriously, one of the ornaments was as big as my room at home! I just hoped one wouldn't fall on me. I kept checking my map and compass, and kept going up up up up.

Finally, like AGES later, I reached the summit. There was this Buddhist shrine there, that wasn't on my map... what a suprise! There was some info about Buddha and Buddhism, and there were some free presents like prayer beads and flags and a yak butter lamp. By the way, do NOT put yak butter on a sandwich.

Sim 55: Toggenburg

The way down would be WAY easier than the way up! I strapped on my snowboard and got ready for the ride of my life!

Sim 56: Anzere

I coasted forEVER. I started to lose the feeling in my feet, because they'd been bumped for so long. That and the cold, of course.

I was tempted to shout or yodel or something when I got near to the Infohub. But I didn't want to start an avalanche, so I kept it all inside my head.

This was a little village, in the middle of nowhere. WAY different from the Infohubs in Isabel or Waterhead. I had this place to myself. There were cozy fires and tables and chairs and big barrels of root beer!

I learned a lot from the maps.

Anzere Infohub: I am here! I saw some other places I'll want to be sure and visit in my adventures too, like the volcano islands. It was getting dark, so I knew I'd have to wait until morning to get my bike back. I hope it doesn't get towed. See you next time!!

Total Sims Visited: 56
Total Days of Exploring: 5
Average Sims per Day: 11.2

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Day 2.
Day 3.
Day 4a.
Day 4b.

Day 6.



5 thoughts on “Sleighbells and Yak Butter: Petal on the Road, Day 5

  1. I hear from my goddaughter Joline that she will be soon joining Petal on her adventure. She seems pretty excited. You should have seen the way she was jumping around me. Then she said that she was gonna go shopping with her piggy bank money for a new winter hat. I can not wait to read about two kids two bikes. Two times the fun I am sure.

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