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Warmth Amid the Cold: Petal On the Road, Day 6

Yes, once again, it’s time to check in with our intrepid nine-year-old explorer, Petal, as she makes her way along the Mainland roads on her bike. When last we left off, Petal had left her bike in Belmondo, got carried away in a sleigh ride to Moritz, climbed a mountain, and snowboarded all the way to the Infohub in Anzere. Let’s see if she can find her way back to the road and her bike.

Deep in the mountains, in the Snowlands, is the Anzere Infohub. I had hot cocoa and a good night's rest, but now it was time to get back to Belmondo and my bike. I hoped it wasn't towed while I was away, because with only a couple Ls to my name, I'll have a hard time getting a new one!

Mush, doggies! Across the snow we went. I hoped we'd find a road before long.

Sim 57: Valmorel

The dogsled took me as far as it could, and I got on my snowboard and headed toward civilization.

A road, at last, and a shuttle! The shuttle carried me along until stopping at the Chalet Linden Infohub.

Sim 58: Wengen

Inside the Chalet Linden in Wengen. Suddenly, something hit me and knocked me up to the second floor!

I looked out from the balcony to hear two mean people shouting at me from the ice below. They had a problem with kids being there, and told me to act like an adult. It's the first time anyone was ever mean to me, just because I was a kid. I thought about hopping on the snowcat and driving away, but instead of crossing the ice where the bullies were, I went across the street.

The chairlift made a quick and easy getaway. While I rode, I tried to call Mom but she wasn't home. I thought about giving up the whole trip. I was so shaken up by the bullies that I just wanted to go home.

While I was sitting alone on the summit I saw a noob skiing by himself. I didn't want to talk to anyone because I was afraid he'd be mean to me too, but I found my courage and asked him how the skiing was. He said it sucked, and he laughed. Then we talked for a while. Mom was right; noobs aren't as dangerous as I'd thought. I was glad to find a friendly face up on that cold mountain. It made me decide to keep on going. I got some free cross-country skis, and made my way back across Toggenburg, Rogla, and Larson, and finally, back to Belmondo.

Sim 59: Grishin

My bike was right where I left it. Whew! I pedaled onward, into the village of Grishin. I got a warm cup of mulled punch.

Sim 60: Svan

I knew I had a long way to make up. So I checked my tires, got some food, emptied my bladder, and hurried on!

Sim 61: Refugio

I'd keep going west, for the time being. The sky was clear and the weather seeming to get warmer.

Sim 62: Whiskey

The snow wasn't all gone though.

Sim 63: Steamboat

A deer grazing in a yard in Steamboat.
Hills began to rise up ahead. Looked like I'd be walking the bike a good way.

Sim 64: Jernberg

Intersection at Jernberg. I'd continue southwards.

Sim 65: Arlberg

Lots of people talk about the landscape of the Mainland being tacky, and cluttered. Sometimes, but not always, they're totally right.

Sim 66: Garmisch

Things seemed very cluttery here in Garmisch.

Sim 67: Davos

Snow in the road! There must have been a snowstorm or avalanche not long ago. So I walked the bike here so I wouldn't skid.

Sim 68: Cortina

The cliffs and tunnels in Cortina were beautiful and scary at the same time. I expected a rock to fall on me any minute!

Sim 69: Chamonix

Whoops! Dead end!

I'd have to double back through Cortina.

Sim 70: Durango

I kept seeing these blue crystals as I went. I wonder what they are. I'll have to look them up sometime.

Sim 71: Grouse

Ooh, look at those clouds!

Sim 72: Kendall

Sometimes the mountains looked like big white teeth sticking up out of the ground.

This side road led into a village called Arosa.

Sim 73: Boreal

A covered bridge in Arosa Village, Boreal.

Wind turbines. Uncle Archimedes says wind power is very very smart.

Sim 74: Hanson

NCI's Infonode in Hanson, near the Hanson Infohub. I decided to stop here for the night. I found lots of freebies and goodies, but wait'll you hear the most amazing discovery of all! You'll have to wait til next time... hee hee... bye for now!!

Total Sims Visited: 74
Days: 6
Average Sims per day: 12.33
Approximate* Total Distance: 13,837m (13.8 km)

*(Someone’s mom sent her an odometer starting on Day 6. Days 1-5 are approximations based on map scale.)

Day 7 (part 1).



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