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O Canada – Petal On the Road, Part 3

One kid, one bike, and hundreds of sims – Petal is exploring the Mainland by way of the main roads; no TPing, no flying (unless she gets really stuck), and blogging as she goes.

We left off in Brauer, where Petal found some Mayan ruins in which to make camp. From there she continued on until the next intersection, which was in Ontario.

Sim 26: Ontario

Ontario's a province in Canada. It's much smaller than I expected. But I decided I'd continue straight (east), since my map showed a dead end not too far along. Then I'd double back to this intersection, and head south.

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Noobs, Crossroads, and Green Tea: Petal on the Road – Part 2

Morning in Waterhead

Here’s the plan: One kid, one bike, following the main (Linden) road along the mainland, and taking pictures on the way. No TPing or flying, except to get unstuck. Today we start day two in Waterhead.

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Petal on the Road – Part 1

Here's where it starts: Coniston.

So here’s the plan. One kid, one bike, exploring the Mainland, without TPing or Flying (unless I get really stuck). I’ll stick to the main road (sometimes referred to as the Linden Road), except every now and then if I need to take a break.

OK? Here we go!
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Our Oahu Vacation (Day 1)

The past couple of years, around about this time of year, I’ve spontaneously rounded up a couple of friends and taken them surfing.

Well this year, I thought I’d try something different, and actually plan a vacation.

I booked a room for a week at the incredibly beautiful Oahu Resort, and today, the family arrived.

Clover says, "I pick this bed!"

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A Tour of the Love 146 in Second Life Clubhouse

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We had such a successful year raising funds for Love 146 last year that I decided we’d have even more success if we had a home base of operations for our inworld group. And thanks to Thaddeus Nadeau of Hidden Hollow, we now have that space.

The Love 146 in Second Life Clubhouse is a small cottage near a stream. Outside you’ll find a bridge, tire swing, and a nearby campfire with logs to sit on. It’s a cozy, comfortable place to visit, much like the rest of the village of Hidden Hollow. Read on to see pictures and a tour featuring Love146 Serendipity, holder of the funds and keeper of the clubhouse.

'Lovey', as she's often called, on the tire swing outside the Clubhouse.

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