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Petal on the Road – Part 1

Here's where it starts: Coniston.

So here’s the plan. One kid, one bike, exploring the Mainland, without TPing or Flying (unless I get really stuck). I’ll stick to the main road (sometimes referred to as the Linden Road), except every now and then if I need to take a break.

OK? Here we go!

Sim 1: Coniston

The long road ahead

One of two buildings called Coniston Lodge.

The other one. I like the curvy parts, very unusual and cool!

Cool treehouse!

I got some air in my tires and a Dr. Pepper here at the gas station.

Sim 2: Windermere

I saw this pretty fountain while I was there.

And suddenly, what do I see but an amusement park! Well this I gotta see.

It's called KPark, and I loved the giant Chutes & Ladders game! I wanted to stay and play but I got a long way to go...

Sim 3: Derwent

KPark stretched into the next sim of Derwent.

Ooh, a flower shop by the side of the road! I love the name: Flowers & Petals! Hee!

Sim 4: Hawkshead

Uh oh, looks like rain...

Sim 5: Waterhead

Here's the first bridge I crossed! The lag was so bad, I went over the side and had to fly back out. So I'm stopping here til next time.

Stay tuned til next time!

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