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Noobs, Crossroads, and Green Tea: Petal on the Road – Part 2

Morning in Waterhead

Here’s the plan: One kid, one bike, following the main (Linden) road along the mainland, and taking pictures on the way. No TPing or flying, except to get unstuck. Today we start day two in Waterhead.

The woods were a peaceful place to camp. But I was on the lookout for wildlife: noobs! They can be real dangerous, but Mom says they're just as scared of me as I am of them.

Look! Noobs! They didn't notice me. I just took the picture and got out of there in a hurry!

Sim 6: Borrowdale

Borrowdale. I was starting to get hungry.

Sim 7: Brampton

The Resident Choice Awards Winner's Circle, Brampton. And some of the wildlife.
Abandoned vehicle in Brampton

Sim 8: Seascale

An auditorium in Seascale. It was full of people.

Sim 9: Maryport

By the time I reached Maryport I was REALLY hungry. I went looking for a place to have breakfast.

I found this place. It was called Pro-Coffee so I figured they'd have something to eat there.

I was right! I got a bagel and a cup of coffee (with LOTS of milk and sugar) and was on my way!

Sim 9: Ravenglass

Highway sign in Ravenglass

Sim 10: Furness

A tent store! I thought about getting a bigger tent, but they cost way more money than I had.

A sign in Furness

Sim 11: Cartmel

The LGBT museam in Cartmel. I didn't know what a LGBT was but the rainbows were really pretty. Looking at the pictures it just looked like people with boyfriends and girlfriends and mushy kissy stuff.

Jeez, so many ads everywhere here!

Sim 12: Skiddaw

A travel stop in Skiddaw. I stopped here to use the bathroom.

Sim 13: Netherbeck

...and again in Netherbeck. Coffee makes you really have to pee!

Sim 14: Grizedale

Billboards in Grizedale.

Sim 15: Scafell

Pretty ponies, in Scafell!

Sim 16: Hardknott

Checking my map, I saw I'd have a decision to make soon. Just beyond Hardknott, in Mowry, was a major crossroads. Which way would I go? I decided I'd check my map once I got there.

Sim 17: Mowry

So here I was, with a big decision to make!

I'd double back through more of Hardknott. But what's this? I know this place! My mom's friend Mr. Nadeau lives here... and my mom owns a pizza place here!

Sim 18: Bradmoor

And I eat free at anyplace Mom owns!! I ate pizza til I popped, and packed some to go for later.

Sim 19: Macclaine

OK, time to keep going!

The East River bridge. I almost got hit by an ice cream truck while I was taking the picture!

Sim 20: Whinlatter

Sign in Whinlatter.

Sim 21: McFee

Only a very small part of the road went through McFee.

Sim 22: Chong

The Usa Usa Ranch in Chong. No horses out though 😦

Sim 22-and-a-half: Butler

Sim 23: Yelas

Pretty house in Yelas.

Most of the highway in Yelas was taken up by a skins store.

Sim 24: Clunn

Roadside stands when you first enter Clunn.

Yoshiko's Cafe, Clunn. Very pretty and relaxing place. I had some green tea and a light dinner.

Sim 25: Brauer

Whoa! Mayan ruins! How cool!

It's so peaceful and quiet here. I think this will be where I make camp for the night. I ate up the leftover pizza, and pitched my tent. See ya next time!!

Total Sims visited so far: 25

Days on the road: 2

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7 thoughts on “Noobs, Crossroads, and Green Tea: Petal on the Road – Part 2

  1. Woohoo! Hope you enjoyed your time at Hidden Hollow, Petal. Also, hope you cleaned up after yourself. I know an elf mommy who would be very upset! 😛

  2. Petal I am so enjoying your adventures and thanks for letting me join you today. Hope to join you in the future too. I had a lot of fun. *grins*

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