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SL9B Teasers

Hello… (Hello… Hello… HELLO!) Avatar!

Badges? I don’t need to show you no… well I got one right here, actually.

It’s official! Antique Square’s application for SL9B has been approved, and Thaddeus and I have been busily getting the build site ready for our exhibit, which we call “In the Good Old Summertime”. Not only have we been planning and building, but our good friends Teleny and Derren Macarthur have been helping us with photos and video for showing the place off!

So if you’d like to see a few tidbits of what we’re planning to do to celebrate SL’s 9th birthday, then by all means, read on!

Petal and Cornelius on the carousel. Photo by Tel Macarthur.
The Nadeau family– Kathryn, Thaddeus, and Cornelius– pause by the popcorn cart and carousel. Photo by Tel MacArthur.
Tel and his sister Siddhana out for a lovely stroll; Mistletoe and Clover on the nearby bench watch the ducks. Photo by Tel MacArthur.
Thaddeus takes a break. Photo: Tel MacArthur
I scream, you scream, Cornelius and Petal scream for ice cream! Photo: Tel MacArthur.
We plan to have some freebies available to everyone who stops by, of course, but to get the REALLY sweet stuff you’ll have to win it. Photo by Tel MacArthur.
Sneak peak at one of the really sweet prizes: 12 x 12 Victorian Cottage. Photo by M. Ethaniel
Smile, Nadeaus! Kate and Thaddeus in the photo booth. Photo by Tel MacArthur.



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