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Cake And/Or Death

The mascot of SL9B may leave something to be desired in the way of cute & cuddly, but hey, he does know how to make an impression and get a message across. He can really knock ’em dead.

Well today I was RL grocery shopping and damned if our mascot isn’t really getting around! He was featured on a balloon near the birthday cards:

So as soon as I got home I decided to see what else we could find in the way of the Prim Reaper helping people celebrate birthdays.

Well OK first I went to Greeter class for SL9B. But then I got to looking.

And finally:

Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me.



2 thoughts on “Cake And/Or Death

  1. Heh heh heh.

    He started off as a backup dancer for Dolmere Talamasca, ended up harassing Bryn Oh’s Gashlycrumb Tinies build, got kicked out of Relay For Life after insisting on equal time for Relay For Death (okay, that one was in bad taste), and laid low until he read on Hamlet’s blog that Second Life is dying every week.


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