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Updates and schtuff

So, um, hi.

Hard knowing what to write after the last thing but I figure I’ll at least try.

It’s getting on that time of the year where my interest in Second Life is flagging. It seems to happen every summer, really. In June there’s a little surge of enthusiasm with the SLB, and then in July I’m off the face of the grid until somewhere around September. It’s not necessarily my depression, in fact I think it’s more likely just the natural cycle of RL activity that gets my attention in the summer. For example, I’m planning our annual RL vacation for July, in which we go on our medieval reenactment event local to the area. Because I’m the head of the Household, I end up doing a lot of the logistical and culinary planning. Not to mention dressing myself and my husband for the occasion.

Another thing that’s got a lot of my attention, I’m pleased to say, is writing. I’ve been pretty inspired lately and I’m trying to get and keep myself on some kind of schedule for writing. And it really feels good to create. Part of me says “I hope it doesn’t suck…” but the other part of me reminds that first part to not worry about it sucking. There’s stuff out there that sucks and still does well. The difference between their crap and my crap is that theirs is done, so shut up and get to work.

There are some developments with himself’s RL work that we’re watching closely. I’m not at a place where I’m at liberty to share more about that because he’s a secret agent and he would have to kill me I MEAN it’s changing too rapidly and is too uncertain for me to share yet.

So I guess what I’m saying is, please don’t be worried if you hear less from me this time of year. Really, I promise, I’m all right. But just in case you are worried, PJ has my cell phone number and anything she has to say is what you should believe. Unless and until you hear The Word from her, I’m safe and content and doing all right.



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