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How to Kill a Community

  • Don’t listen to your residents. Shuffle their requests along through “normal channels” until they either just sigh and deal with it, or pack and move somewhere else leaving you wondering why.
  • Bait, and Switch. Sure, it was ocean-front when we showed it to you. But back then, you were a prospect. Now you’re a customer. And we’re filling in that ocean.
  • Show special preference to people for no apparent reason. That guy gets free tier? Why? Because SCREW YOU that’s why.
  • Don’t reward the enthusiastic and helpful. In fact, tell them off before they threaten your power structure. Or else just let them do all the work and take them for granted. A “thank you” is just so empty and meaningless and such a bother.
  • Just don’t do anything. Events, get-togethers… they’re just so costly and such a hassle. Surely someone else can plan them. And will. Eventually.
  • If you must organize something, be incompetent at it. Double-book, don’t show up the day of the event you planned, maybe get a third party to do most of the dirty work but don’t give them any abilities to do what you expect. Maybe be a stage manager, but know nothing about how streaming audio works.
  • Don’t bother to promote; assume it’s someone else’s job.
  • Remember that it’s all about YOU personally.
  • You may screw up royally, but it’s not like it’s YOUR fault. So save the apology.
  • Break your promises.
  • Never leave the house/skybox/shop.
  • Bitch, and moan, but then don’t do anything about it. After all, community is other people.
  • Make these words your mantra: “Why bother?”



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