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7 Second Life Facts

You can thank Strawberry for this one. And it’s pretty simple, it’s a blog meme where I list 7 facts that are probably only interesting to me.

But since this blog is to hear myself talk anyway, I’m OK with that.

  1. Stealing one of hers first: I hate notecards. Hate them. I hate them with a passion that burns with the fury of a thousand suns. It is a hate that endureth, and ceaseth not.
  2. I’ve dealt with two stalkery people in SL. One finally figured out he was being creepy and backed off. The other… I don’t know. I’m still wary when I meet new people, and I look for similarities and “red flags” all the time.
  3. I haven’t purchased Ls out of pocket since February of 2009. And counting.
  4. I not only have had pixel sex, I once had an alt who was an escort. A male. It was short lived when I was reminded, oh yeah! We women don’t have to pay for sex or attention! I could have branched out and been a gay escort, but I was too insecure in my lack of knowledge of what happens when there isn’t a vagina in the room.
  5. I hesitate to talk about SL in the meatworld with anybody but my closest friends.
  6. I’d kill for the ability to have a sim on a stick on this computer.
  7. I miss being able to stare at my avatar, when I was able to see her the way she looks in photos. Now, because of the viewer I have to use, she has a box on her head in place of gorgeous mesh hair.