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So did you hear the one…

…about the elf stuck in Imprudence? It goes a little something like this.

I have OSX 10.5. For those of you who don’t speak Mac, think of it like running an older operating system like Vista (only mostly functional). In order for the latest MANDATORY UPDATE ERMAGERD SL viewer to work, I need 10.6 (which is, what, like needing Windows 7 or something. I’m trying here, you guys).

In order to get Firestorm to run, I need 10.6.

In fact, in order to get any type of viewer that will show me mesh, you guessed it, 10.6.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. What about that one (can’t think of the name) that has a Version 1 interface, like Imprudence, and yet has mesh enabled?

Ten. Point. Fucking. Six.

So I’ve been SLing on the only viewer that works for me anymore: Imprudence. Imprudence doesn’t have mesh, doesn’t have prims over 10m, doesn’t have multiple attachments, doesn’t have a Merchant Out Box, but got damn it, it’s the only thing that gets me in world anymore.

Well I try (unsuccessfully) to be one who solves problems rather than bitch about them, so I ordered the upgrade software to 10.6 (or Snow Leopard, as the big kids call it). It arrived Monday (yesterday). I made three attempts to install it when at last I had to call up Apple Support.

Long story not quite as long, the problem appears to be the DVD drive. As it is an older machine, it may be that the lens needs cleaning, the nice lady tells me; she says to get a cleaning kit for it and if that doesn’t work, here’s a ticket number.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m in Boogers, Maine, population 1000 people and 5000 cows? The nearest place to find one such kit turns out to be about 45 minutes drive one-way from here. To afford it, we rolled up change. I’m not fucking exaggerating here, except perhaps the number of people. It may in fact be lower.

So… I go, I get the thing, I come back. Run the cleaner kit.

NOPE. Doesn’t make any bit of difference.

So it looks to be a hardware situation with the disk drive. By this point I’m just starting to think either a few things. Either it’s been a fun five years but time to hang it up, or, it’s time to just get a new fucking computer.

I’d REALLY prefer option B. Option A, while more affordable, is much less enjoyable. Between now and one or the other, Imprudence it is. Not like I was teaching myself mesh modeling or wanting to upload anything to Marketplace anyway (grumble grumble).

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One float, extra awesomesauce.

Spent the afternoon NOT getting my new OSX upgrade to happen because of DVD drive problems.

So instead I spent the afternoon working on my float for the Lionheart St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Not to give a lot away, but…


Also, I got things I made for others to build parade floats and mini-floats. Next on the agenda is horsies.

This is fun. I hope more people are as excited about this parade as I am.

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Reply to a reply

I got a reply to a comment on Whiskey’s post, in which the commenter feels sorry for my experiences (I mention that I’m a survivor both of domestic abuse and of sexual assault) and she hopes that I can one day come to find joy in dancing again.


Whiskey very wisely disabled comments on that post so I can’t reply there. And since I can’t Shut My Elfy Yap and let shit go…

Look, I appreciate the spirit in which your comment is meant, as much as I appreciate the spirit in which OBR is meant, but neither is what I need.

I DO feel joy about dancing. Time and place, is all. And, gah, please don’t feel sorry for me. I live my life day to day just like anyone else does, worrying about things like bills and taxes and the road conditions on the commute and if we’re out of milk or bread. I’m in a happy household with a loving partner and smart cat, I have nieces and nephews and joy and love and creative projects and hobbies and I do NOT want nor need pity. Please do not assume that just because I am not on board with this project, that it must mean that I’m too walking-wounded to want to play. I’m a survivor, not a victim.

As a matter of fact (no but srsly tho, Mist shut it), the assumptions made in the comment kind of piss me off. Don’t slap a ribbon on me. Go and provide the things I needed when I did need them: a place to go when my mother wanted to get out, a place to watch us kids while she tried to make arrangements and earn a paycheck. Money for that flight or bus ticket out of reach of her abuser. Someone to teach teenage me that no means no and it’s not up to me to say no in the right way or right number of ways for it to finally be heard. Someone to believe me when I said his advances weren’t welcome and I never want to see this person again. Someone to still be my friend and not automatically take his side and say I must have encouraged him somehow. Fuck dancing, fuck gooshy words. Go do that.


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Fuck Winter.


Out in RL land, there’s a blizzard warning.

Meanwhile in SL, today’s the day of my annual “Screw Winter” beach vacation. Today, we surf. Tomorrow, I’m DJing a beach party set at Toot Toot’s.

PJ, last year. Photo: T. Macarthur
PJ, last year. Photo: T. Macarthur

Sometime (vaguely) around 1 PM SLT today, catch me up in IM, grab your beachwear and your board, and come join us. After surfing we’ll hang out and dance. It’ll be fun. WAY more fun than a blizzard warning.

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Slap a Ribbon on it

I live not far from the small town of Dexter, Maine (population just under 4000). Anyone living in or near Dexter knows the date June 13, 2011 only too well. On that date, a man awaiting trial for holding his family hostage at gunpoint one year previous, went into the home of his estranged wife and two kids (aged 10 and 13) and one by one shot and killed them before turning the gun on himself. Such a thing would be shocking and stomach turning in any city or town, but I think it was even more so given the small town in which it happened.

And so, our outraged, shocked, mourning, hurt community stepped up. No, they didn’t push for stricter punishments for domestic violence perpetrators. They didn’t rally for safeguards to keep guns out of the hands of an obviously disturbed and violent man. They didn’t pressure legislators for swifter trials for those who are an obvious danger to others and themselves. They didn’t even really shell out time, money, or support for local area shelters or phone banks.

Nope. They slapped a ribbon on it.


Everything in Dexter turned purple overnight. They released purple balloons while playing schmaltzy country music about angels. The school colors temporarily went from red and white to purple and purple. People dyed their hair, painted their mailboxes, put purple glittery garlands on their houses at Christmas time. And, at Christmas time, the local commercial church put up three trees with purple lights and plywood cutout angels, near a giant purple looped ribbon fashioned out of Christmas lights. One enterprising local “artisan” made and sold (or attempted to sell) wreaths with purple looped ribbons and purple glass ornaments on them (a practice Regretsy calls “tragicrafting”). Purple purple purple, and ribbons ribbons everywhere.

Less than two years after the event, people are back to being OK with making jokes like, “Women. Can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em!” Area shelters and phone banks are putting up fliers asking for volunteers and donors. We also got a bridge in the slain mother’s hometown renamed, via petition, the “Remember Me Bridge.” No name, just a pronoun, guaranteeing that in 40 years nobody will “remember” who “me” is. BUT GOD DAMN IT WE STILL GOT PURPLE RIBBONS SO WE’RE DOING SOMETHING.

A purple ribbon is one of those things like prayer, that makes you feel good inside and look good outside as if you did something, but in reality accomplishes very little about the actual problem. Or as Bill Maher and others call it, literally the least you can do. A symbol and a focus on a movement itself is not a problem; indeed it can be a very good thing that unites people in a common cause, a real impetus for change.

But when people make the symbol ALL they do, because they honestly think that’s all that needs to be done, the cause is not helped and may in fact be hindered.

So. Rise up, dance, and make machinima if you wish. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the literal least you can do is all that should be done.

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This is what I get for getting a computer that lasts.

I go to log in tonight so I can take pictures of my cool scale model I built and me being all Elfzilla on it, but no! SL has other plans! Mandatory required gotta do it or you can’t play upgrade!

So having been burnt already by Firestorm (see what I did there?) I went to check the system requirements. And oh will you look at that, I have to have OS X 10.6 or higher. I have a model 2009 MacBook that runs 10.5.8. Well fuck me sideways.

So, no scale model picture fun for you tonight.

My 10.6.1 upgrade disk is on its way and is expected to arrive on the 22nd.

Meanwhile I guess I’ll log on Imprudence to pay my rent as needed. Can’t wait to see what mesh doesn’t look like.

God dammit, SL. It’s like you want me to fail.

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So, new blog, newish look, and new profile pic. This is the time of year where I like to change things up.


It’s taken a long time to get my avatar to what I really like the look of. Mostly because I have lots of other things in the queue ahead of personal appearance; also because I like spending my rare Ls on building stuff and texture uploads lately. But, I got a bit nostalgic for the old days, so I hope you’ll excuse what is probably a moment of narcissism as I put up a timeline of avatar pictures, from then (2008) to now (2013).

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The Troll and the Paladin

(just a little story I’ve been working on.)
A troll once lived underneath a bridge, and made its living challenging passers-by into arm wrestling matches for gold coins. The troll would typically jump out and insult the travelers until they got angry enough to take the troll up on its wager.

It happened one day that a paladin was making his way across the troll’s bridge. The troll jumped out and cried, “You there, old man! You’re a washed-up has-been, a shadow of your former self! Prove you’re still a man worth his salt and arm wrestle me, winner gets 20 gold coins!”

But the paladin simply smiled and said, “Good day to you, Troll,” and made his way across the bridge.
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