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Mistletoe wants YOU!

Hey, in case you haven’t heard, SL9B is looking for people! People to exhibit, people to perform shows, people to work as greeters, people to make SL9B freebies, people to spread the word!

Consider this your official call to duty! Go to right now. And the next time you’re inworld, make sure you join the SL9B group: The SLB Community. Yes I know I hate it when group names start with “the”. But it does. And your mission is to join up and help us make SL9B the best yet!

Why should you bother, you ask? Because this is our chance to prove that we residents can throw a bigger, funner, more organized party than Linden “we’re making it all about you so fuck off” Lab could ever dream of throwing. This celebration is done by us, for us. And “us” includes you!

Hey, want to make your own poster like mine? Download this template from Dropbox, open it in Photoshop or Gimp, and put your own menacing mug in there! And spread the word!

Edit May 28 to add:
I had too much fun. Some of my pictures I shot for this poster came out better than others. Here’s a parody poster I made with one of the “other”s.




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