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Where Everybody Knows My Name

I don’t talk much about RL here because I have other blogs/places to do that. But let it suffice to say that today in RL was an emotional whirlwind to match the blustery weather outside. It started with dragging myself unwillingly out of bed after a pep-talk from Himself, continued with a physically demanding work day which included sudden news and a visit that left me thinking “Of all the sub shops in all the towns in all the state…”, went on to have jaw-dropping surprising news, and now I’m wiped out.

You know what’s good after a day like today? A pint.

Course I don’t drink IRL. And the weather out there isn’t fit for man nor beast, what with roads flooding and a rattling wind. And so I turn to the wish-fulfilling element so appealing about virtual worlds: I turn to my virtual pub.

I have one, you know. A new one. It’s called the North Star, and it’s not “officially” open but folks are welcome to come in anytime to unwind and hang out. Which is just what I did.

Seamus the bartender’s a great listener. He listens more than he talks: a good quality in a barman. I’ll want to make him a t-shirt and apron.

Pay Seamus a visit at the North Star in Merina (in OL). That is, when we can go to OL again after the maintenance.



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