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My Tiny Piece of Heaven

I finally got some long-awaited pictures of my parcel in OL, which I call Northstar.

The North Star, my wee pub.

Click any image to see larger.

Seamus Linden, the bartender, and me in my spiffy North Star Pub shirt.

He's a good sort, Seamus is.
The other end of the pub: stage, piano, dance floor
A vending booth, and one of Freyja's cool street lamps.
The North Star and a vacant shopfront. Fountain and waterlilies by Freyja Bailey.
Another cool streetlight, more shop space, and my house in the distance.
Me napping on a park bench outside a vacant shop. Note the cool 'Northstar' sign in the lower left.
A corral outside my house. Horses by Jon Haskell.

Join me next time when I give a tour of my house. In the meantime, you’re welcome to visit Northstar in the sim of Merina anytime:




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