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SL Vendor Templates – FREE PSD Files

Suppose you’re a content creator looking to sell your products, but you haven’t yet designed the image that goes on the vendor. You want more than just a plain old photo of your work, but you’re not really the graphic designer type. Or maybe you’re just not feeling inspired enough to design a vendor/product display other than a plain photo. Maybe you want to streamline your vendors so they all have a similar design (making your shop look all the more professional).

Whatever your reason, these free PSD files are for you. They’re free to download. Just open them up in Photoshop and edit the text, put in your product photos, save, upload to SL, and you’ll have a professional looking 512×512 vendor design in minutes!

Legal stuff: these images are FREE. They are meant to be given, distributed, and shared for FREE. You can not offer them for any amount of money, not even 1L. You can not alter them and then sell them for any amount of money, not even 1L. KEEP THEM FREE. They can be used for any purpose (though it’s more likely by their nature it will be commercial) AS LONG AS THEY’RE DISTRIBUTED FREELY.

Are you ready to get your free PSD files, distributed via DropBox? Then here we go!
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