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One Elf Sitting it Out

New rule: if you’re going to call your movement a “million” or “billion” anything, you should have at least a hundred thousand people on board.

Yes it’s that time of year again, and once again I’m taking the unpopular stance that no, I will not be participating in One Billion Rising in Second Life. It’s not that I think it shouldn’t exist. People can and should do whatever they want to, and if they want to feel like they’re doing something about domestic violence and sexual assault, then very well, have at it and dance the night away my friends.

As I said last year, I appreciate the spirit in which it is meant. Speaking as a survivor, I’m glad to know people give a shit about this. For me, personally, it kind of reminds me of prayer. Yeah, you do a thing, yeah, you feel good about it, but all too often people think that this gesture is all that one has to do to actually make an impact. Back before my dad found Jesus he had a colorful phrase about praying in one hand and defecating in the other. I got nothing against people praying. I got an issue with thinking that it’s all one must do, is all.

This is all very much on the forefront of my mind lately as someone close to me is dealing with a RL problem with a former abuser, who lives halfway across the country, and their child. I think about what she’d think if she saw all these avatars dancing. Then I shake my head and get back to work, trying to help her find the legal help she needs.

By all means, dance. I’m just asking that you let the awareness raised propel you into action when you’re done.

PS: I don’t want to hear a single comment begin with “I’m so sorry”, either for me, or for her. I find that even less useful.

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A Tour of the Love 146 in Second Life Clubhouse

Click to visit inworld

We had such a successful year raising funds for Love 146 last year that I decided we’d have even more success if we had a home base of operations for our inworld group. And thanks to Thaddeus Nadeau of Hidden Hollow, we now have that space.

The Love 146 in Second Life Clubhouse is a small cottage near a stream. Outside you’ll find a bridge, tire swing, and a nearby campfire with logs to sit on. It’s a cozy, comfortable place to visit, much like the rest of the village of Hidden Hollow. Read on to see pictures and a tour featuring Love146 Serendipity, holder of the funds and keeper of the clubhouse.

'Lovey', as she's often called, on the tire swing outside the Clubhouse.

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That’s gratitude for ya…

You know, it’s a sad (virtual) world we live in, when a group that’s raised literally hundreds of dollars for not one but THREE RL charities (and I’m not even counting RFL, since I don’t know how much they’ve raised for them) gets accused of being scammers and ARed just for doing what they’ve been doing for over a year now.

The Army of Bunnies, headed up by Cynthia Wonder and Tracy Glendevon, make their home bases at Grizzy’s Cafe (owned by Grizzy Grizwold) and Glendevon’s own Bojangles Nightclub. They use their eye-catching bunny outfits (complete with prop pistols) to call attention to Pixel to Pixel, War Child, and Love 146. And call attention they do. Thanks in no small part to the Bunnies, I’ve been able to send three disbursements to totalling $470 (DOLLARS) in 2010.

If any ego-tripping musician’s manager would like further proof of the impact the Army of Bunnies has had, they’re welcome to email me (laurajustlaura(at)gmail(dot)com) and I can show them the financial records of all three of the donations, as well as correspondence from the financial director of I know it won’t be enough to elicit a much-deserved apology, which is a shame because if anyone should apologize it’s one who makes outright accusations of theft and attempts to have the group banned from SL.

It just really pisses me off when someone who’s been proven to do so much good for charities gets such unfair treatment from someone–I’ll say it again–on an ego trip. I do hope the musician(s) you represent find other management and quickly. I’m willing to bet that next year at this time, the Bunnies will be doing better than ever for their respective charities, and that you’ll have to bark threats in order to get any recognition at all.

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Ho Ho Ho

Yesterday, I cashed in the over 50,000 lindens donated to Love146 and as soon as the transaction goes through to PayPal, I’ll be sending them a nice little Christmas present courtesy of many generous folks in Second Life. By raising awareness of them in Second Life, they’ll have gotten close to $500US by way of generous donations from avatars this year.

As for my own Christmas stocking, today I cashed in 20,000 lindens from my own savings. My rents are all paid up for at least a month. I’ve got a small cushion in case I don’t see a dime in the coming month (which is unlikely; Clover’s Kitchen’s slowest month in ’10 netted 3k. That’s net, so after rents are paid.) Plus I have weekly DJ gigs for some additional spending change.

So all in all, a decent year financially in SL. Not super awesome; but I took out more than I put in and that’s always good.

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Help Me Tread on Trafficking!

I’ve mentioned Love 146 before. They’re an organization that fights child trafficking, and provides aftercare to survivors of trafficking. They’re doing a fundraiser called Tread On Trafficking over the next few months, and if you can, I’d love some help at raising my goal of $500 for this noble and critically important cause.

This is my Team Page. As you can see, I’m still looking for 4 more volunteers to join my team and help out.

In Second Life, the avatar Love146 Serendipity was created by me to collect lindens for Love 146. She’ll take your donation any time. Also if you’d like her to put up a Love 146 poster/collection jar at your place, send her an IM letting her know, and a Landmark of the site.

Thank you for helping me stamp out slavery!