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Self-serving New Year Post (2010-2011 edition)

It’s time to do what I did last year and review my virtual life over the past year, maybe make some predictions, and make some resolutions.

2010: Mistletoe In Review

January 2010 opened with me in OpenLife Grid and mostly out of Second Life (or so I thought). I had big plans to open up a region of my own in OL within a month or so, a Wild West RP sim called Mistletoe Creek. But frustration with OL was getting the better of me. Ultimately I decided to stick it out and try to open the new sim, figuring if it doesn’t work then at least I gave it my best shot. Meanwhile disgruntled former OLers were contacting me anonymously, and I called them out.

I also don’t want you to worry about me being “harassed”. I know you were fretting over it, which is why you protect your own identity. I mean, that harassment must be brutal. I for one never knew that digitized text could be such a dangerous thing, but then I’m green to many of the ways of the world. But at any rate, it should please you to know that nobody has harassed me. This cult of OLG supporters you all seem so worried about hasn’t said one word in opposition to me, even in my angriest rant. They must be scared of a 130-pound elf. I’m such a badass after all. Rawr. Fear the elf. FEAR HER.

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Some changes ’round here

Well last night I sat down and had a good bitch session with a couple of people who themselves run a club. They pretty much say the same thing: you can’t please everyone, and you don’t have to hold back when someone is being a total asshole. Easy to say, I know, but harder to execute. Therefore they are my official bitch coaches, lol; they’ll help me get in touch with my inner bitch when needed. In fact, they are also now my first-ever bouncers (she asked; I figured why the hell not!). This helps to spread out the amount of stupid shit I have to deal with; the two of them are happy to deal with it for me.

Additionally, I’m going to hire me some more management. I’ve got someone in mind already; she’s trustworthy, genuinely loves the pub, and has recently freed herself from a large amount of responsibility in running a RP sim (which kind of parallels me, actually). I think if the work load were divided between the two of us, or if she even took a third of it off my hands, I would enjoy the pub more and feel less chained to it. The question is if she’s available; I’ve asked and am waiting for an answer.

It’s hard for me to delegate and especially hard for me to find someone I want to delegate to. I tend to come from the “If you want something done…” school of thought. But there comes a point where I have to be more flexible. I’m at that point.

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Grumpy Old Elf’s Pub

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I’m noticing just how much I don’t miss being tied to the pub for the past week (I had my hands so full as Clover that I just didn’t have any time to devote to the pub). I mean I know work is work and not happy-fun-time (paraphrasing Red Foreman), but… a place that I intended to be a place to relax and hang out (and if others enjoy it, so much the better) is instead becoming the place that I have to pretend to give a damn about pleasing other people if I want to see tier this week.

And that’s the rub, so to speak. If I didn’t have to worry about pulling in tier (like at the smaller location) I wouldn’t have to deal with the stupid politics. And it is, when issues arise, over stupid things; be it gestures or the height of an avatar or the dance floor. There are, quite honestly, days in which I want to just lock the doors and not deal with people at all. And it’s not that everyone who comes through gets on my nerves. Far from it. It only takes the occasional gobshite to really sour my mood. But when the gobshites come, boy oh boy do they take it out of me.

I’m tired of weighing my each and every decision on my pub by asking “what effect will this have on the rest of my customers?” A word, which by the way, I’m using quite liberally here. I think it’s fair to say that if I’m having these feelings regarding customers, I probably am not cut out to own and run a virtual entertainment/hospitality type of establishment.

So I’m debating where to go from here. Wait it out? Hire some management? Sell the place? I don’t honestly know. I just know that right at this moment I do NOT love running a pub.

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July 3rd at the Pub

Some pics and description of the fun from yesterday!

Caoilte Skytower took the stage for the first time since April. He was in excellent form as usual. Instead of just giving him a cash tip, I invested 249L in a song download from him. At least one other person did the same. I think it’s a great idea. People feel like they get even more from their tip, something that lasts long after the show; and, the music gets shared with more and more people. I REALLY need to get over my fear of recording and just do some recordings with Archimides.

After Caoilte’s show, I filled in DJing for Rusty from 4-8. The poor guy had net issues but was able to call his girlfriend who IMed me to let me know. Too bad, because I really like his music, but I did what I could in a pinch. I played the download I picked up (Spanish Lady), and even played a rare recording I found of myself from 1994. It was tough listening to it, because I focused on all the spots where I was messing up. “See? There, I’m running out of breath and going flat.” But I wanted to confront that fear of mine. And, I’ll be damned, people liked it!

Then, at 6, we were treated to a belated Canada Day burlesque show from my longtime friend Pajobra “PJ” Zessinthal, of the famous New Champagne Rooms. She’s even appeared on Treet TV, as a burlesque dancer (and later murder victim) in a murder mystery show.

She entered by way of the back door, dressed as a naughty Mountie. She moved about the room until she found one of our gentleman guests and handcuffed him to the barstool. Realizing her mistake in apprehending an innocent man, she then proceeded to look for her key, which was somewhere on her person but damned if she could find it easily…

(By the way, “officer”, I left your boots behind the bar. Stop in anytime and Bridget will give them back. 😛 )

I tried to get a picture of the little maple leaf on the back of her panties but I guess I couldn’t hit the moving target, haha. Burlesque differs from your usual striptease you find at clubs. It’s got a more old-fashioned feel to it, for one thing; for another, it’s more literate and involves a high degree of RP and audience participation. And finally, it isn’t “full monty” (or should I say, “full mountie”?). By leaving a bit to the imagination, it creates (in my opinion) a more sensual and exciting show that leaves the audience wanting more.

Thank you again to everyone who came to perform for the Wee Little Pub.

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“You Keep Using that Word…”

“…I do not think it means what you think it means.” –“Inigo Montoya”, in The Princess Bride

I got an IM that I want to address further, because I think it’s a question on more than one person’s mind. This one person just had the guts to ask it first. She asked me why my pub is having Family Night in a Mature sim, and isn’t that forbidden?

Short answer: it’s most certainly not a big no-no, nor is it expressed as being forbidden in any way. Nowhere is it written that teen and/or child avatars are ONLY permitted in PG sims, at least that I’ve seen. If I’m mistaken, show it to me. I know it’s nowhere in the covenant of the estate I rent on, and I know that the Wiki says ANY age avatar that is used by an age-verified adult is permitted in any rated region, including the adult continent of Zindra (excepted of course by personal policy of private landowners).
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Caoillte Skytower packs the Wee Little Irish Pub

Excellent show last night! I’m glad that our pub’s “first time” could be with someone so special. 😉 Yes, Caoillte brought an outstanding performance to our ittybitty stage last night and the place was thronged. So much so that I took out the “table for two” and TV, and eventually even sent Bridget on break, to make sure there were enough prims to rez dance poseballs. From beautiful and romantic tunes to the raucous “Limerick Song”, it was one smash after another. This isn’t some teenage hack with a guitar and no direction; he’s a professional all the way and well worth his asking rate to hire.

I’ve downloaded his “Live at Almont” album, as well as a track from his “Song of the Savage” album (“Health to the Company”), all of which he’s given me permission to play on my stream, so be listening for him at DJ sets in the future as well. For info on how to get either album, or individual mp3 tracks from them, contact Caoillte Skytower inworld.

So, in short, four-and-a-half-stars, will hire again.