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“How cna I to get teh moneyz?”

OK, so, you’re new to SL. Or, maybe, you’re not that new to SL anymore. Maybe you’re too old for money trees, maybe you’re too wise to the idea of camping (good for you! There’s hope for you yet!), maybe you’re too broke to buy your own Ls, or else want to get Ls without giving Linden Lab your money (again, excellent for you!). Whatever your reasons, you want to earn Lindens and you’re wanting to do what they do in RL: find gainful employment.

The problem is, you have no idea where or how to begin. Let me start by showing you what not to do. Names have been changed to protect the clueless and the harried.
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Unattended Child Avatars Will Be Given a Puppy and an Espresso

Last night’s fun at the Cat And Dog brought to my attention the fact that kid avatars aren’t allowed in many establishments. I can understand that we’re all RPing here and if you’re RPing as a bar for adults then people who RP as kids don’t fit in that. But our place is a pub, not a bar; pubs as a rule will allow all ages. But, again, since we’re RPing here, we expect that someone RPing as a kid has someone RPing as a guardian with them. I want to include everyone I possibly can. Nobody likes being discriminated against. But there does have to be some semblance of order; I’m not here to babysit.

So far, it’s working out well. Last night’s DJ was a centaur. Tonight’s is a furry. We’ve had same- and opposite-gender couples dancing together. We try to all be tolerant, welcoming, and mature (read: moderate on gestures and talking body parts, lol); and as long as that continues, we are go. It’s a lesson in patience for me; there are things I personally do not like (like just about any gesture that takes more than 3 lines of text and/or makes the “HOO!” sound, clicky shoes, face lights, and baby-talk-typing) but I’m learning to be patient with all of the above so long as they don’t get so overwhelmingly frequent as to annoy other patrons. I’m trying to find that balance between being all-inclusive “anything goes” and being a hard-ass. So far I think I’m doing OK.

I realize that I may lose some clientele for choosing to allow supervised child avatars in the pub. I really don’t mind that. There are gazillions of nightspots one can go to and not have to deal with pixellated “sprogs” (passing thought: Childfree and Child-av free people… same people? Probably, though not necessarily…). I still loathe talking tummies, though, so if you would be so kind as to shut that thing up while you’re inside I’d be much obliged.

So, yes, pass it on. You can be a kid at the Cat And Dog. You can be a furry at the Cat And Dog. You can be a neko at the Cat And Dog. Just don’t be a grand pain in the ass at the Cat And Dog, regardless of avatar, and we’re good.

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Talking Tummies need to talk MORE, I say!

Something feels good inside your heart as you feel the baby are [sic] moving once again. You can’t wait to see this precious baby!!

I don’t know if you already know my feelings on the talking pregnancy belly or not. Let’s talk about them shall we?

First off, I can’t help wondering, why would anyone in SL want to be pregnant in SL? I just don’t get it. And this coming from someone who can’t have children IRL. Even in those few moments in my life that I truly dreaded the fact that I would never have babies, even then, I never wanted to experience pregnancy. I figure at best it’s the RL price we pay to pass on our DNA. So knowing that in SL you don’t have to pay a price at all (fuck, just make a kid avatar to call you Mommy if that’s what you want!)… WHY?!

I think the pregnancy bellies in SL gloss over the realities of pregnancy, “talking” about the good and cute parts of it only. I propose that if you’re going to annoy everyone in chat range with a blow-by-blow account of your pretend pregnancy, it should be a more realistic, accurate portrayal.

  • Your bladder is telling you once again that you’ve got about 10 seconds to find a bathroom! 10… 9… 8…
  • Whoops, looks like your breasts have leaked some more. What’s that, your third sweater today? Hope it’s not dry-clean only…
  • Your back is killing you, and you’d LOVE to sit down and rest. ‘Course your hemhorrhoids say to hell with that!
  • You can’t remember the last time your boobs were this sore. You can’t wait to have this ^*$#^@* precious baby!!!
  • Your libido is through the damn roof. Any male avatar within 10m of you had better watch out. You just can’t function until you hop onto some naughty poseballs!!
  • God, you feel like you’re retaining the entire tank at Sea World. How can someone who pees so often hold so much water?!
  • Oh, there’s that warm feeling in your undies again. You wonder if it’s spotting or just more incontinence.
  • Your face has broken out in a gazillion zits. Gotta love them hormonal changes!
  • You should drink plenty of water because boy are you feeling constipated!!!

Maybe if the talking tummies would cover these slightly less cute (but certainly very authentic) moments as well as the cutesy cravings and kicking and such, folks would be a bit more reluctant to wear them. Hey, you want to pretend to experience pregnancy? I say, really get the full nine yards out of the experience.