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Morning After Halloween

Will somebody please ask the sun to shine a little more quietly please? Ugh.

Most of yesterday was, I’ll admit it, a shitty day. I try to plan things to get new people to come and visit the sim, or at very least get the people who live here already to get together for some fun, and barely anyone even shows. It’s embarrassing. Makes me wonder why even bother.

Note I said “barely” anyone. My true friends showed their true colors and were pretty much there for not much reason other than to do a favor for me. They did what they could out of love and support for me. I know this. And from the deepest depths of my heart I’m touched by it, and can’t express my appreciation enough.

Well, after the evening washout that was meant to be a party, the four of us (DonPaul,Liam, Badd, and I) went down to the castle, dragged out a ratty old sofa, got out a bottle of elderberry wine, and watched fireworks. After the fireworks, Badd popped out for a minute and returned with a naughty dancing chair she’d just bought. I was slightly buzzing on the wine by that point. Let’s see, I remember Badd saying “Wanna try it, Mist?” And me saying “Oh, I don’t know if I could…”

Oh, shit, it’s coming back to me now.

Woke up this morning…ok, afternoon…out in front of the castle, in bustier, bloomers, and boots…rest of my costume over on the lawn…and OMG angry yellow eye of God glaring down on me.

So, note to self: elderberry wine causes clothing to disappear.

Think I’ll go have a bath in the ocean. That oughtta wake me up.