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Post, Interrupted

Fucking hell, could I be a bit more emo lately? I must be a real delight to read. I’m sure you all just delight in my talking like I’m the first person to ever go through an emotional rough spot.

Yeah, I know, the joke is old already.

So I’m going to talk about some good news in SL. Tonight at 8PM SLT my best girlfriend PJ is making her burlesque dancing debut at the Naughty Box, a wee subsidiary of the Vault. For those who don’t know the difference between burlesque and plain old stripping in SL, burlesque is what literate people wish stripping was like. It’s heavy on emotes and interaction with the audience, and puts much emphasis on the “tease” part of “striptease”. It has just a little bit of a comic factor to it, and a very vintage look about it. I look forward to seeing it. I just know she’ll be great!

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Wait, what?!

Excuse me, but… WHAT?!

This apparent authority on the music in SL business is under the impression that it’s the artists trying to make a living who are to blame for… whatever it is he’s blaming for. An apparent “crisis”.

If there is a crisis in SL music, it was largely created by the artists. The solution to the problem is not inventing new sources of income, but revisiting the very reason that SL Live music exists. Is it a source of exposure and an avenue to sell CD’s? or is it an alternative Performance Platform to rival RL and as such generate a living?

Each Musician will have to answer that for themselves. But if they truly want to help the Venues, as they claim in these discussions, then they should reduce their fees, in line with the real state of the SL economy, Share the tips with the Venues, and Stop Competing with those who they claim to be helping.

We already charge about a tenth what we’d ask in RL for a gig. If someone honestly offered us $14 in RL to play an hour at their place, we wouldn’t even bother to call them back. Cab fare there and back would total more than that. For gigs at our virtual home pub, we take even less than that, totalling about $8 (Yes, our gigs, attended or not, are paid for by the Entertainment Fund, if at a huge discount.). If I played out on the street and didn’t get more than $8 in one hour, I’d call it a lousy day.

And while it’s often considered a courtesy for the musicians to tip the venue that hired them, it’s not expected. In addition to undercutting our rate even more, the poster suggests we share the tips that we earn with the venue. At the risk of sounding totally mercenary, they are the ones paying us to play, not the other way around.

So to even suggest that we as musicians are still charging too much to play is laughable at best. If there’s a “crisis” in music, it’s that live music has become so devalued that musicians are finding it less and less worthwhile to even bother doing it.

I know I am.

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Cat Agus Cu LIVE 6:30 PM SLT

Join Cat Agus Cu for an hour of live Irish traditional and folksy songs and tunes at Grizzy’s Cafe, in North Bound. We’ll play our blend of toe-tappin’ jigs and reels, fun drinking songs, and cry-in-your-ale ballads starting at 6:30 PM SLT (9:30 PM Eastern, 2:30 AM GMT) and we hope to see you there!

About the Venue: Grizzy’s is a PG, modern-day establishment with dance machines for both “regular” sized and Tiny avatars. Downstairs is the dance floor, upstairs is their game room with a variety of retro arcade games. They’re a great group of people and we look forward to joining them again!

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Dead Man Blues – Starts Jan. 10th

Starting January 10th at Hotlanta Blues.

The year is 1949, and there’s been a murder in the streets of the fictional neighborhood of Hotlanta. The victim, one Blues Linden, was gunned down in cold blood, left in an alley to be found later by some poor bum, who reported it to the police. Chief Archie Skytower is on the job, and won’t rest until the killer gets brought to justice.
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Hotlanta Blues Grand Opening – NOMA FALTA live!!!

See Noma Falta live at 4PM SLT today as part of Hotlanta Blues’ big grand opening! If you haven’t heard her yet, you’re missing out on simply one of the best live blues acts in all of SL. Well miss out no more! Come on by, bring a friend, enjoy some sweet live music from 4-5 and hot blues all day long up at Hotlanta Blues!