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Last night’s get-together at Toot Toots

So I mentioned having to cancel the party I planned last night. Instead I popped into Toot Toot’s Carolina Pub in the sim of Sifton, to pay a visit to my friend Symmetry and the rest of the good crowd that can often be found there. I had my cake dress on and announced that this would now be my birthday party.

I whipped out the camera and nabbed some video. Here it is.

P.S.: Just an added bit of trivia, this just happens to be my 666th blog post.

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July 3rd at the Pub

Some pics and description of the fun from yesterday!

Caoilte Skytower took the stage for the first time since April. He was in excellent form as usual. Instead of just giving him a cash tip, I invested 249L in a song download from him. At least one other person did the same. I think it’s a great idea. People feel like they get even more from their tip, something that lasts long after the show; and, the music gets shared with more and more people. I REALLY need to get over my fear of recording and just do some recordings with Archimides.

After Caoilte’s show, I filled in DJing for Rusty from 4-8. The poor guy had net issues but was able to call his girlfriend who IMed me to let me know. Too bad, because I really like his music, but I did what I could in a pinch. I played the download I picked up (Spanish Lady), and even played a rare recording I found of myself from 1994. It was tough listening to it, because I focused on all the spots where I was messing up. “See? There, I’m running out of breath and going flat.” But I wanted to confront that fear of mine. And, I’ll be damned, people liked it!

Then, at 6, we were treated to a belated Canada Day burlesque show from my longtime friend Pajobra “PJ” Zessinthal, of the famous New Champagne Rooms. She’s even appeared on Treet TV, as a burlesque dancer (and later murder victim) in a murder mystery show.

She entered by way of the back door, dressed as a naughty Mountie. She moved about the room until she found one of our gentleman guests and handcuffed him to the barstool. Realizing her mistake in apprehending an innocent man, she then proceeded to look for her key, which was somewhere on her person but damned if she could find it easily…

(By the way, “officer”, I left your boots behind the bar. Stop in anytime and Bridget will give them back. 😛 )

I tried to get a picture of the little maple leaf on the back of her panties but I guess I couldn’t hit the moving target, haha. Burlesque differs from your usual striptease you find at clubs. It’s got a more old-fashioned feel to it, for one thing; for another, it’s more literate and involves a high degree of RP and audience participation. And finally, it isn’t “full monty” (or should I say, “full mountie”?). By leaving a bit to the imagination, it creates (in my opinion) a more sensual and exciting show that leaves the audience wanting more.

Thank you again to everyone who came to perform for the Wee Little Pub.

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Making Your Prims Count Part 1

Making Your Prims Count: Part 1 Bar and stools

Welcome to the first in a series of posts about making your prims go further, especially for your club or shop. When I first got the parcel for the Wee Little Irish Pub, I realized I only had 116 prims to work with, and so I had to get resourceful. So now I’m going to show you some of the tricks and tips I learned along the way, and hopefully you’ll find them useful for saving prims at your place.

Some basic building and scripting knowledge is useful for this project, but I’m going to try and make it as easy on you as I can.

Today, I’m going to show you how I made the bar and stools. I’m always looking for a balance between prim economy and aesthetics; often, better-looking items have more prims. But I wanted to get absolutely minimal on prims, in this case, so I’m going to show you how to make a minimal prim bar and stool that really looks good and doesn’t have people thinking “Wow, she really cheaped out on prims.”

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Caoillte Skytower packs the Wee Little Irish Pub

Excellent show last night! I’m glad that our pub’s “first time” could be with someone so special. 😉 Yes, Caoillte brought an outstanding performance to our ittybitty stage last night and the place was thronged. So much so that I took out the “table for two” and TV, and eventually even sent Bridget on break, to make sure there were enough prims to rez dance poseballs. From beautiful and romantic tunes to the raucous “Limerick Song”, it was one smash after another. This isn’t some teenage hack with a guitar and no direction; he’s a professional all the way and well worth his asking rate to hire.

I’ve downloaded his “Live at Almont” album, as well as a track from his “Song of the Savage” album (“Health to the Company”), all of which he’s given me permission to play on my stream, so be listening for him at DJ sets in the future as well. For info on how to get either album, or individual mp3 tracks from them, contact Caoillte Skytower inworld.

So, in short, four-and-a-half-stars, will hire again.

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What kind of radio?!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me start by saying, I’m taking a bit of a risk and re-opening a pub in SL. It’s ittybitty, on a 256 sq. m. parcel, and I get all of 116 prims to make it happen. But, what the hell, the rent is right, and if the pub doesn’t make tier on its own it can easily be covered by Clover. The name that keeps coming back to me is the Wee Little Irish Pub. You know: just what it says on the box.

Anywho, one of the important things a pub needs must have is a radio changer, and I found a one-prim dealie for pretty cheap. I didn’t end up keeping it, because I can’t program the radio stations in myself, and that’s crucial for when I have DJs and live acts. But while checking it out, I noticed the menu on it allowed me to select a genre. I clicked the closest I could find: Celtic. Shudder.

I had a problem with this for a few reasons. One, just the whole calling Trad music Celtic music. If you don’t know where I’m coming from on that, it’ll have to wait for another time. Second, the default station was LiveIreland, for whom I have no love (another story for another time). And third, and most interestingly, among the stations was a button labeled “Gorean radio”.

This is the part with the sound effect of the record being scratched to a sudden stop.


Is Gorean radio kinda like the fundie Christian radio stations? You know, with the fundie stations, you get really bad music with lyrics containing variations on “power and glory” “hallelujah” and “eternal life”; you get the awful call-in programs where they discuss the evils of the world and how it’s the fault of the Homosexual Agenda; and you get commercials for bibles and icons and whatever other sort of Jesus gear one might need.

So that’s what I’m envisioning the Gorean station (which wasn’t coming in, so I got no actual data for ya) might be like. You get really bad music with lyrics containing variations on “rape is love” (I hear “I Only Got Shackles For You” is climbing the charts…); then you get call-in programs where they discuss the evils of the world and how it’s the fault of the Feminist Agenda; then you get commercials for collars and silks and whatever other sort of Gor gear one might need. My hubby adds that they probably also have a stand-up comedy hour where they tell jokes like “What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?*” They tried “Who’s Got the Silliest Thing Under Their Silks” but it didn’t translate to radio well.

Anywho. I got a different radio changer, one I can program myself, so it’s all good.

We had an impromptu party today while I was in the process of building, and was especially surprised to see Grimley Graves in all his undead glory. He does a mean Thriller dance, not surprisingly. Greythistle Twine spun some tunes and his lady Cate had a good chimera for us to dance on. And rounding out the group was Cern, who looked happy and comfy in his red kilt and bare feet.

I totally don’t have a SLURL to the new place yet, which is just as well because I’m not officially ready to open yet. But, the Wee Little Irish Pub. And yes, folks: Bridget is back on the clock.

*You don’t want to know the punchline to this one. Honestly you don’t.

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Irish Music Night @ Dreamers Pub

Join me at Dreamers Irish Music and Dance Bar in Merina for 2 hours of Irish music. All kinds of Irish music, from Clancy Brothers and Chieftains to U2 to Flogging Molly.* The fun starts at 8 PM GMT (which is NOON Pacific and 3 PM Eastern).

*Just no Enya. I don’t like Enya.

Log onto the Merina region in OpenLife and follow the directions.

Can’t make it to the pub? You can listen at .

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“How cna I to get teh moneyz?”

OK, so, you’re new to SL. Or, maybe, you’re not that new to SL anymore. Maybe you’re too old for money trees, maybe you’re too wise to the idea of camping (good for you! There’s hope for you yet!), maybe you’re too broke to buy your own Ls, or else want to get Ls without giving Linden Lab your money (again, excellent for you!). Whatever your reasons, you want to earn Lindens and you’re wanting to do what they do in RL: find gainful employment.

The problem is, you have no idea where or how to begin. Let me start by showing you what not to do. Names have been changed to protect the clueless and the harried.
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Unattended Child Avatars Will Be Given a Puppy and an Espresso

Last night’s fun at the Cat And Dog brought to my attention the fact that kid avatars aren’t allowed in many establishments. I can understand that we’re all RPing here and if you’re RPing as a bar for adults then people who RP as kids don’t fit in that. But our place is a pub, not a bar; pubs as a rule will allow all ages. But, again, since we’re RPing here, we expect that someone RPing as a kid has someone RPing as a guardian with them. I want to include everyone I possibly can. Nobody likes being discriminated against. But there does have to be some semblance of order; I’m not here to babysit.

So far, it’s working out well. Last night’s DJ was a centaur. Tonight’s is a furry. We’ve had same- and opposite-gender couples dancing together. We try to all be tolerant, welcoming, and mature (read: moderate on gestures and talking body parts, lol); and as long as that continues, we are go. It’s a lesson in patience for me; there are things I personally do not like (like just about any gesture that takes more than 3 lines of text and/or makes the “HOO!” sound, clicky shoes, face lights, and baby-talk-typing) but I’m learning to be patient with all of the above so long as they don’t get so overwhelmingly frequent as to annoy other patrons. I’m trying to find that balance between being all-inclusive “anything goes” and being a hard-ass. So far I think I’m doing OK.

I realize that I may lose some clientele for choosing to allow supervised child avatars in the pub. I really don’t mind that. There are gazillions of nightspots one can go to and not have to deal with pixellated “sprogs” (passing thought: Childfree and Child-av free people… same people? Probably, though not necessarily…). I still loathe talking tummies, though, so if you would be so kind as to shut that thing up while you’re inside I’d be much obliged.

So, yes, pass it on. You can be a kid at the Cat And Dog. You can be a furry at the Cat And Dog. You can be a neko at the Cat And Dog. Just don’t be a grand pain in the ass at the Cat And Dog, regardless of avatar, and we’re good.