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FREE SCA Pre-Event Menu Plan Printable

Taking your family or Household to an SCA event, and you’re in charge of food? Make life a little easier with this FREE printable menu planner. Download this .pdf, print it out, and you’re off and running! Includes space to write your meal plan, a chart of serving sizes, and a grocery list space.

Click HERE to download

Please keep in mind my Terms of Use:

  • Do not resell this design, do not upload this design for others to download and claim it as yours. Instead please link here to direct people to it.
  • Do not resell printed versions of this design or claim them as yours.
  • Free for personal use. Print it and use it as many times as you like. You can give some to your friends for personal use too, but I’d like it even more if you sent them here to get their own. Plus, I mean, it saves your printer ink that way.
  • If you like it, tell people where ya got it!

Make sure you’ve bookmarked this site to see even MORE free printables for you and your friends to enjoy.


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FREE SCA Pre-event Checklist Printable


Got a big Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) event coming up? Here’s a free pre-event checklist, with a classy medieval style, for you to print out and use. I hope you find it greatly useful.

Click here to download!

Please honor my Terms of Use:

  • Do not sell this design, distribute it with your name on it for free, or otherwise claim it’s yours. Send people here to get it for free please.
  • That goes for the printed version too. You can print some out and share them with friends, but I’d like it even more if you sent them here for it. Plus, I mean, it saves your printer ink that way.
  • Free for personal use.
  • Not all printers, and not all printer ink, is created equal. It may not come out exactly the same colors as you see on the screen.
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SL Vendor Templates – FREE PSD Files

Suppose you’re a content creator looking to sell your products, but you haven’t yet designed the image that goes on the vendor. You want more than just a plain old photo of your work, but you’re not really the graphic designer type. Or maybe you’re just not feeling inspired enough to design a vendor/product display other than a plain photo. Maybe you want to streamline your vendors so they all have a similar design (making your shop look all the more professional).

Whatever your reason, these free PSD files are for you. They’re free to download. Just open them up in Photoshop and edit the text, put in your product photos, save, upload to SL, and you’ll have a professional looking 512×512 vendor design in minutes!

Legal stuff: these images are FREE. They are meant to be given, distributed, and shared for FREE. You can not offer them for any amount of money, not even 1L. You can not alter them and then sell them for any amount of money, not even 1L. KEEP THEM FREE. They can be used for any purpose (though it’s more likely by their nature it will be commercial) AS LONG AS THEY’RE DISTRIBUTED FREELY.

Are you ready to get your free PSD files, distributed via DropBox? Then here we go!
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I figured it out!

I totally figured out where there are so few kid avatars in medieval/fantasy RP sims. Stay with me on this.

From <i>The Noob</b>, by Gianna Masetti
From The Noob, by Gianna Masetti

Read 99% of the backstories of RPers. Almost all of them are orphans. Their parents were killed by orcs, their parents were kidnapped and tortured to death by the enemy army, their parents were killed who-knows-how many ways and now they’re out for revenge. It leads one to the natural conclusion that having children must be a death sentence. Like falling in love with a Cartwright (WARNING! TVTropes Link!). So no wonder so many RPers are practicing whatever form of birth control they are!

It all makes sense now!

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“Well they did have slavery ‘back then’, you know…”

Whenever I hear a man argue in favor of slavery, I get a strong desire to see it tried on him personally. –Abraham Lincoln

One of the lamer arguments I’ve heard from people who want to rationalize the use of slavery (besides “it’ll attract more people”; consider just what sort of people…) is the guise of what I like to call selective authenticity. That is, picking and choosing what “they had back then” while excluding other things.

Now don’t get me wrong, I honestly believe that selective authenticity is necessary in most RP/themed sims. I for one don’t enjoy illiteracy, inquistitions, rampant superstition, or leprosy; but make no mistake they were all a large part of actual life in the actual Middle Ages. What I have a problem with is when people choose to make abhorrent parts of human history part of their fun playtime, and rationalize it by saying it’s for authenticity’s sake.

Yes. Absolutely. They most certainly had slavery throughout humanity’s past. They also had massacres, genocide, unjust wars, and artocity of all sorts. But these were the sickest, ugliest, most shameful parts of our history. Why in the world would you select that to include at your attempt at authenticity? Simple: it’s not authenticity you’re interested in. You’re deceiving yourself if you honestly believe it is.

Hey, are you really interested in playing capture and lock-up, and want to be really authentic? Consider an Auschwitz sim. You get rounded up just for walking down the street, beaten, tortured, stripped of any sense of dignity you may have left, maybe watch your family die, and live out the rest of your very limited existence locked away and forgotten about until you either starve to death or get executed. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

What! They totally did that back then, you know.

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Medieval/Fantasy Kid Avatars? *Heads Explode*

I am thinking I want to make things for kid avatars.

This one’s really going to boggle people’s minds I’m sure. In a world where more people question the will to be a kid than the will to be a slave, the idea of kids in a medieval/fantasy RP type setting is sure to set a few cerebral cortexes to critical mass.

A few years ago when I was flipping through the dials, I saw one movie version or another of Beowulf. Goodness knows there are tons, none of them that good (some more tolerable than others), so I’ve no idea which one it was or even how true to the original work it is. In the scene I was watching, Beowulf and his men arrive at a village and realize that something is amiss when they discover that there are no children in the village. None. It’s an eyebrow-raiser, even in an epic violent saga, for there to be no children in a medieval society (or for that matter in any society, but what we’re talking about now is this particular type setting).

The Seven Isles sims, bless ’em, have a kids’ group. THIS IS ME SHOUTING OUT TO YOU. You guys rule. I gotta remember to get Petal’s paperwork out to you folks. I gotta remember to pick up paperwork to do up, heh.

So. I want to make some medieval/fantasy kids’ garb. And skins (if nobody else will do it, damn it, *I* will!). And Stuff. I’ll add them at my leisure at XStreet.

As it stands now, one lonely (and increasingly bored) young ‘un lives in Nortfarthing. It’s a start.

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Cat Agus Cu LIVE today, noon SLT

Join Cat Agus Cu today as we help a friend with the Grand Opening of their new sim, Highland Decadance. Because it’s a kind of Scottish-heavy sim, we’re going to do a kind of Scottish-heavy set for them. Come and join us!

Highland Decadence Entry Point

If you can’t catch us inworld, have a listen at

About the venue: Highland Decadence is a mature medieval-style RP sim. Combat is suspended during OOC events (like live shows!). Garb is very much encouraged.

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I got yer “limits” right here…

I’ve been a gamer for many years. Good god I don’t even know how many. I was playing D&D in high school, which was a long time ago (I won’t say HOW long; let’s just say I remember when they added the A and made it AD&D). I’m well familiar with the concept of RPing, probably moreso than a lot of people who bandy the word about today. And not just in the medium of dice and paper; I RPed on MUDs on Telnet, on forums, in chat, and on MMO games long previous to SL.

And never once, in literally decades, did I have to put anything in the way of “RP limits” anywhere in my profile. In fact, I’ve been in SL for a year now, and I’ve gotten away with not having to put such foolishness in my profile.

Well, tomorrow we got a gig in a sim that caters to tastes other than my own. They insist that it’s not Gor, ok, whatever, but its copious rules do mention that women “may be captured” if they don’t put RP Limits in their profile. I think it’s ridiculous sexist bullshit. But, as Floyd said in Muppet Treasure Island: just play the gig, man, don’t get into the politics.

But, to clear up any possible ambiguity, I’ve added the following to the front page of my profile:

“RP limits” huh? How about this: lay one fucking hand on me without my consent and you’ll be sipping all your remaining meals through a straw. Sound like a plan?

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A Recap of today’s RP madness

The day began when Mistletoe, furious at Clover for sending Petal away to her grandparents, set Clover’s house on fire. The fire was dispatched by the townsfolk, including Lord DonPaul. Clover returned to find the house damaged and smouldering. She ran about town until finding DonPaul in Mistletoe’s shop, his face hidden in a hood.

He lowered his hood to reveal a horribly green, disfigured face, and no explanation as to why. He said that he feared evil times had come to Northfarthing, and that he lacks answers. Clover, tearful and afraid, took her belongings and is hiding out someplace else.

Meanwhile, Mistletoe gained the confidence of Aruin and Donnie Dagger, the former a kind of inventive genius, the latter a chaotic evil wizard with great powers. On her order, they went to the Abbey and kidnapped DonPaul, imprisoning him in the Tower of Exile. She was shocked to find him disfigured and blamed the wizard for doing something to him; DonPaul is sure that MIstletoe is behind it somehow.

Mistletoe then issued a proclamation, stating that DonPaul is in custody until he acquiesces to her demands. They are, simply, that he marry her and make Northfarthing (and himself) hers by legal right. He said he’d rather die first; one minion said the cliche “that can be arranged” before being scolded by Mistletoe. It seems her longtime crush on him has been twisted into a dark obsession; she keeps referring to him as “my love” and “the poor dear”. Indeed, if she has any weakness at all, it’s her own captive.

At last she left him to get some sleep in the tower, with Aruin (himself transformed just this morning, into a being with eagle wings and the lower body of a horse) posting guard.

What will she do next? Will her minions turn on her? Will there be a daring rescue attempt? Will DonPaul ever escape, either the tower or his curse?

Bridget, Mistletoe’s apprentice, thinks she might know something. Go and ask her and maybe you can be the one to save the day!