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Happy Birthday, Professor.

There’s a lot of things I wish I could get for you, to show you how much you mean to me. But even though times are hard, I know there’s no other woman anywhere loved as much or as well as I am by you. And I seriously doubt there’s a man anywhere loved as much or as well as you are by me.

You’re my best friend, my voice of reason, my sounding board, and so much more to me that I can’t even express in words.

I love you, “Archimedes Skytower”. Here’s to another year, and to me being thankful that it’s another year that you chose to share with me.

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Quick cross-post note

Thank you everyone who’s been reading and thinking of me lately.

That’s another reason I prefer WordPress to LJ. I can easily see when people come to read and from where they come to do so. And through brilliant detective work (ie reading the URL of someone’s friends list) I can often tell who it is that comes to read. So thank you.

I’m hanging in, best I know how. Sat up late last night talking to Himself about the woes of trying to find a new IFB. He’s very supportive and helpful and genuinely cares. He even offered to play a gig on SL to raise the lindens for me to hire a male escort. While very noble in intention, our stream source is crapped out on our end so it’s not possible in practice. Still. THAT’s the kind of husband I have.

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We CAN’T be the only ones…can we?

The past week that I was online, I observed a bizarre “trend” as it were. I met two people, grown adults, whose spouses don’t approve of them going to strip clubs. I don’t mean real life strip clubs, where there’s a real naked person strutting around in front of you; I mean virtual strip clubs, where the most you’re going to see is the pixellated depiction of naked fantastic representations of people, “dancing” on a pole for game currency.

My elfy brain boggles.

I’ve also heard (god who hasn’t…) the news story about the slow news day–I mean, the couple who are splitting up over SL. Old hat, most of us would say; we see shit like this all the time. I’ve seen some sad cases, like the couple who was so deeply involved that they were making plans to leave their spouses for one another…until he caught her being unfaithful to him with more than one individual. I have a girlfriend who, like me, keeps it all in perspective that it’s pixels, it’s fantasy, it’s curiosity, that the RL person she’s chosen to share her life with is and always will be the RL person she shares her life with and remains faithful to. But, unlike me, her husband isn’t privy to what goes on in SL. In her opinion it’s better not to trouble him with that which is not real anyway.

So it’s led me to wonder. Are there any other marriages out there like mine?

My husband knows the names of all my SL crushes/dalliances. He knows how far things have gotten, what I wish for, what I fantasize about. Do I tell him all the details? Well, does he tell me all the details of his porn magazines or DVDs? No, and as far as the both of us are concerned, it’s the same thing. We have one hard fast rule: what happens online, STAYS ONLINE. If there is no meeting in person, there is no problem. I give details, if asked. But I’m not asked. Because my husband is so trusting of me, I am trustworthy. Well, I mean, I’m trustworthy anyway, but you know what I mean. He trusts me, I trust myself.

I knew that we were a rare exception and certainly not the rule, but I have yet to see a single example of a marriage like ours represented in SL.