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I got a DJ gig tomorrow night…

And I have NO FREAKIN IDEA what I’m gonna play. I think my plan will be to just hit Shuffle and see where it goes. It’s an eclectic venue. I could pull this off.

Also, I’m building my own fireworks effects and getting ready for a super cool fireworks show next week for the Good People at Faery Crossing. They’re celebrating Samhain which is Kind of a Big Deal for pagan-type and faery-type folks and I’m always trying to stretch my creative muscles to come up with new effects for my shows.

A good friend of mine is talking about stepping out of SL altogether and while– for purely selfish reasons– I wish he’d stick around, I want my friend to be happy and in good mental health. So we’ll see how that goes. If he does decide to close his community I know a GREAT demolitions person.

Image is from some anime doll maker and I don’t remember which one.

‘Kay bye.

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Family Halloween Costumes

Let me start right away by saying that I’m not going to make a fashion post out of this so much as a “lookit our costumes!” post. I don’t know/recall where I got the outfits and lots of them are mix-and-match anyways.

Mistletoe’s isn’t so much a costume as a Halloween-ish themed dress. I love the printed skeleton pattern on it. My friend Julius says “It says ‘Look at me, just not like that.'”. I remember that I got it on Marketplace, and that it was called Miss Boneyard or something of the sort. The necklace came from a hunt I did like two years ago.

Clover likes to dress in a costume that she can wear trick-or-treating with her kid, so the myriad “slutty witch/slutty pirate/slutty vampire/etc” options are off the table. Sure, the more revealing outfits are fine for Aunt Mistletoe, but it’s just not Clover’s speed. So she was very happy to find this elegant Red Riding Hood costume at Marketplace. It comes with a shorter skirt option if she chooses to go to an adults-only party after Petal goes to bed.

Last year, Petal went as Velma. This year she was going to go as Hermione, one of her favorite characters. But then she got the idea to go as another one of her favorite Hogwarts students: Luna. This is a mix-and-match outfit.

Uncle Archimides didn’t dress up. Yet. Mistletoe might talk him into it yet.