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So I got me one of these

My graphics card is nothing special, so pardon the image quality…

He looks just like my RL cat, he’s animated, he only cost 120L, and he’s only two prims. As best I can figure it’s some sort of temp-rezzer sorcery but it’s a mystery to me.

Anyway, I had to have him. So now here he is on my couch. The animations are actually much more complex than this image; this is just three stills made into a gif.

He came from a place called SHOP SEU. You won’t find them on Marketplace; only in world. And because my SL crashed and I’m lazy I don’t have the SLURL handy. But go. Search. Get your own.

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Family Halloween Costumes

Let me start right away by saying that I’m not going to make a fashion post out of this so much as a “lookit our costumes!” post. I don’t know/recall where I got the outfits and lots of them are mix-and-match anyways.

Mistletoe’s isn’t so much a costume as a Halloween-ish themed dress. I love the printed skeleton pattern on it. My friend Julius says “It says ‘Look at me, just not like that.'”. I remember that I got it on Marketplace, and that it was called Miss Boneyard or something of the sort. The necklace came from a hunt I did like two years ago.

Clover likes to dress in a costume that she can wear trick-or-treating with her kid, so the myriad “slutty witch/slutty pirate/slutty vampire/etc” options are off the table. Sure, the more revealing outfits are fine for Aunt Mistletoe, but it’s just not Clover’s speed. So she was very happy to find this elegant Red Riding Hood costume at Marketplace. It comes with a shorter skirt option if she chooses to go to an adults-only party after Petal goes to bed.

Last year, Petal went as Velma. This year she was going to go as Hermione, one of her favorite characters. But then she got the idea to go as another one of her favorite Hogwarts students: Luna. This is a mix-and-match outfit.

Uncle Archimides didn’t dress up. Yet. Mistletoe might talk him into it yet.

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My favorite SL Bumperstickers

Today, in response to a photo at NWN of a bumper sticker reading “Avatars do it in Cyberspace”, Pete Linden asked on Twitter what would be some other good SL bumper stickers. And of course, SLers in Twitterland rose beautifully to the challenge. Following are some of my favorite #SLbumpersticker – tagged Tweets of the day.

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Recovering: Petal on the Road, Day 8

It’s time to check in with our intrepid young adventurers, Petal and Joline, as they explore the roads of Sansara on their bikes. No flying, no TPing unless stuck, photographing and blogging as they go.

When last we left off, Joline had gotten a bad cold while they were staying in the Chamonix City sims, so they stayed a while longer while Joline recouperated. Petal’s mom Clover shipped some of her famous chicken soup to the Chamonix City Post Office. And sure enough, Joline was feeling better after a good, warm night’s sleep.

In the Warming Hut by the fishing pond, we sat by the fire and planned out our route. We got out our maps and our phones and decided we'd go back out of Chamonix City, pick up our bikes where we left them at Off Sides, then get back on the main road in Braggiani. From there, we'd follow the Amundsen Road, which went south and looped back up north on the other side of the mountain.

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The Best Day Ever: Petal On the Road: Day 7, Part 1

Time to spill the beans: Petal made a BFF on Night 6! Say hello to Joline, age 11. Joline is now a Junior Doe Cadet, like Petal, and they’ve begun to continue their Mainland road adventure together. They packed up all their gear and departed from the Hanson Infohub together. Let’s see where the road takes them as we start Petal’s seventh day on the road!

Sim 75: Eldora

Joline and I rode north, through Arosa Village (and the sims of Boreal and Kendall). We took a left, and headed west.

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High all…

Some days, you just gotta put on a pair of cannabis wings and drift around a mushroom circle while listening to Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, ya know?

I really have nothing else to add, I just thought it was a cute picture.