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And the next thing I know…

So this is a new experiment for me. I am updating this blog tonight using iBlogger, a new ap for the iPod Touch from the App Store on iTunes. Bear with me while I try this out.

So, unexpected happenings over the past week. Just about the time I find myself content with no longer actively looking for an IFB, one just kind of falls into my lap as it were. I think it caught the both of us off guard. Anyone familiar with me knows that the words, “One thing led to another, and next thing I know…” are not words that come from me very often at all. I am the kind of elf that has a Plan B, C, and D in place at any given time. Rarely do I get caught off guard.

Well, I met him at Hotlanta Blues–a friend brought him along. He’s relatively new to SL but quickly showed a level of intelligence greater than your average noob–much greater–so I quickly figured out he must be over 30 and probably over 50. I have a tendency to find them somehow. Anyway. We danced and talked and friended each other.

Couple nights later we meet up and get to talking a while.

Well, one thing led to another, and next thing I know…

As I say, I think we were both kind of blind-sided by it all, but in a good way. I think we’re both at a point where we’re wondering just what to make of it all; but figuring whatever it is, it’s fun and worth seeing what happens next.

In other news, Himself and I played some Christmas music via Voice at the Green Dragon tonight. I do wish we could have gotten around to recording in time to have a Christmas CD, but alas. We had fun tonight and even made a few Ls.

Well, I am off to bed. Good night and a merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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Busy busy

Last night was my first shift hosting at Hotlanta Blues, which is DonPaul’s new (and not officially open yet) blues club. He’s already got a decent staff, including veteran club boss Marcy Thorne as general manager. Plus, I mean, he’s only got the most insane best event planner in Northfarthing in his corner too 😉 . Last night went well, though by the third and final hour I was wiped out and losing my patience. Two things that really annoy me are gestures repeated ad nauseum and chatspam. You know, people who are satisfied by their spammed whatever being only funny or cool to them personally. And whoever invented the talking pregnancy belly srsly needs to be slapped with a fish. Repeatedly. While having their own spam comments shouted to them over and over.

But speaking of events, the Merrie Medieval Market events are on Sunday. The early one starts at 9AM SLT and the latter at 4PM. Fireworks are scheduled for 11AM and 6PM, courtesy of Shandon Loring. See more infohere. Seeing how there’s still some stall space available, I’ll see about maybe going in with some friends to split a spot to sell off stuff we don’t want anymore, a la yard sale. My own shop stall will feature 2 brand new garments for men (doublets and long trousers that aren’t tights, at last!) at ridiculously low introductory prices, and 2 discontinued garments for women (kirtle & surcote and fancy damask bodices) at slashed closeout prices. My main shop will continue its 20% off for Northfarthing group members for one more day than planned (it was going to end on Saturday; I’ll hold it over till 6PM Sunday). Falls tells me that Twilight Star will also be offering big bargains on their Christmas decor items, and their lush lynx fur coats will be at 20% off to Northfarthing group members. Clover of Clover’s Kitchen will also be offering discounts to NF members, don’t know the details yet, as well as a few freebies.

Note to self: get a “join our group” thing easily availabe. Also, some signage to the ice pond and to Santa’s spot.

I really want to pat myself on the back for this. I did the *entire* thing (made the schedule, contacted the merchants, got the fireworks arranged, etc) on my own, and didn’t bug DP but once about it, and that was to post the event announcement (which I composed!) at the SL website (and that only because I don’t have the powerz as yet to do it myself). I even built banners for decoration and designed Santa’s area. GO ME.