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Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet…

But I’ve decided to make a blog for my OL shop after all.

Looks like I picked the right time to get the hell out of Dodge*. I’d made this decision before the XStreet “roadmap” was announced; this just confirms that it’s the right time.

*I got a million of ’em. Hope you’re not sick of them yet.

Preparations are underway for the Farewell party at the Cat And Dog. On 12/2 at 1PM SLT, Funky Feats will join us for a last dance for 2 hours. Then at 4PM SLT, Cat Agus Cu will perform a farewell show. We may, after that, have a DJ’ed “hoedown” in honor of the new frontier I’m moving to, depending on if the DJ is available. So if you have cowboy/western/pioneer type clothes, you’re encouraged to dress up in them for the occasion.

I followed himself’s advice and cashed out most of my Ls now, before the end of the month. Just over $80 USD worth so far. Not half bad.

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Unattended Child Avatars Will Be Given a Puppy and an Espresso

Last night’s fun at the Cat And Dog brought to my attention the fact that kid avatars aren’t allowed in many establishments. I can understand that we’re all RPing here and if you’re RPing as a bar for adults then people who RP as kids don’t fit in that. But our place is a pub, not a bar; pubs as a rule will allow all ages. But, again, since we’re RPing here, we expect that someone RPing as a kid has someone RPing as a guardian with them. I want to include everyone I possibly can. Nobody likes being discriminated against. But there does have to be some semblance of order; I’m not here to babysit.

So far, it’s working out well. Last night’s DJ was a centaur. Tonight’s is a furry. We’ve had same- and opposite-gender couples dancing together. We try to all be tolerant, welcoming, and mature (read: moderate on gestures and talking body parts, lol); and as long as that continues, we are go. It’s a lesson in patience for me; there are things I personally do not like (like just about any gesture that takes more than 3 lines of text and/or makes the “HOO!” sound, clicky shoes, face lights, and baby-talk-typing) but I’m learning to be patient with all of the above so long as they don’t get so overwhelmingly frequent as to annoy other patrons. I’m trying to find that balance between being all-inclusive “anything goes” and being a hard-ass. So far I think I’m doing OK.

I realize that I may lose some clientele for choosing to allow supervised child avatars in the pub. I really don’t mind that. There are gazillions of nightspots one can go to and not have to deal with pixellated “sprogs” (passing thought: Childfree and Child-av free people… same people? Probably, though not necessarily…). I still loathe talking tummies, though, so if you would be so kind as to shut that thing up while you’re inside I’d be much obliged.

So, yes, pass it on. You can be a kid at the Cat And Dog. You can be a furry at the Cat And Dog. You can be a neko at the Cat And Dog. Just don’t be a grand pain in the ass at the Cat And Dog, regardless of avatar, and we’re good.

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Catch-up Stuff

In the past week or two, I’ve found myself having more fun and feeling like I have more purpose in SL than I have in a long time. And, I feel that obsessive emotional addiction loosening its grip on me. I’m certainly not out of its clutches by a long shot but I feel more like myself anyway, which is a good thing.

Last night we had an impromptu Monday night party at the Cat And Dog; it started when Zenith Zefir was in the neighborhood and wanted to test out his new stream. Well he kept playing awesome song after awesome song so I invited the group to come and enjoy it along with us. Turned out to be a great time; a good half dozen of us enjoyed the music and dancing and catching up. AND, I hired another new DJ as well to do early sets on Saturdays for the benefit of our friends on the other side of the Atlantic.

So now I’ve got a DJ for almost every night of the week, plus a couple hosts. I’m wanting to give them a regular schedule and the power to control their own everything so I don’t have to be there all the time. After all, the point of the Cat And Dog is a neighborhood pub to relax and unwind at, and that goes for me as well.

Things are also going very well at Clo’s. She’s got new items and will be adding more still this week, and at least once a day I see someone I’ve never seen before browsing the shelves.

I’ve got a friend Roxie who’s somewhat new to SL and is teaching herself how to make hair and/or clothes and/or skins. She found some great tutorials out there and is very eager to dive in. I think given the time and startup funds she could build herself one hell of a store. I’ve known her for a long time in SL and she’s brilliantly creative and technically skilled to boot.

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The Cat And Dog

One of the things I kind of fantasize about is having a little stone-walled Irish neighborhood pub nearby, where I can put up my feet and unwind at the end of the day. And SL is nothing if not a medium for fantasy fulfillment, and so I bring you The Cat And Dog. It’s just as I say: a small, stone-walled neighborhood pub where you can relax, watch TV, listen to Irish music, have a pint, dance… whatever tickles your fancy. I’m even planning Tuesday afternoon seisuns; and down the line, live performances and DJ events. It’ll be a while before you hear the “house band” however, as himself sprained his thumb and possibly his elbow as well. But in the meantime, the pub is always open. Come meet Bridget the bartender (who is thrilled to be working for me again!) and enjoy!