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Sticking my feet in

So. I’ve done two fireworks shows since returning inworld. I’ve also rented a shop space, not really that I have a whole lot to sell but I have a little and it feels good to have a home base. I set up a sewing machine and a crude counter in there so it feels like a work studio.

I love that Philomena is still a place, if a slightly different iteration than I recall. It’s really really surreal knowing there’s a street named after me. I’m just this elf, ya know?

I’m reminding myself of some of the scripting and prim torturing that I used to know, and learning some of the new things that passed me by in the last three or four years. For example, the idea of an item temp-attaching to an avatar and then going poof is exactly what I always wanted Clover’s Kitchen items to do!

An old friend is letting me freeload at a build platform above his space. I hope I don’t overstay my welcome but I have a feeling that if I do he’ll be sure and let me know. I got a few items in the Marketplace that are bringing in some pocket change to help me get “established” and once I’m a little more solvent I plan on getting my own place, just so as not to overstay my welcome.

I don’t have a mesh body or head or hands or feet yet. Just ears and hair for now. Taking the plunge is so expensive and I never placed my fashionability at a high priority, not when there’s cool new toys and mesh creator tools out there! In fact usually I’m completely invisible or else one of my own Pixie avatars that’s nice and low-impact, because my ancient old computer rezzes slowly and damned if I want to waste that bandwith to look at myself. But in those rare moments when I’m my elven self I got new hair (see pic!). If I can become independently wealthy, then I’ll see about Bento hands that enable me to give the finger.

And speaking of: making clothes is different from what it used to be! Used to be, if I want to make a pair of gloves that fit skin-tight on an avatar, I’d photoshop what I wanted onto a body template, upload, use the texture to make gloves, and voila. Not anymore, kids! Now I gotta figure out appliers and Slinks and Maitreyas and 20 different possible options just so that an av can wear gloves. And if I want those gloves partially transparent, like fishnets or lace? HA! Buckle up.

Sooo yeah, I’m learning, and I’m struggling with my feelings of inadequacy paired with other people’s feelings of wonder (a STREET. How do you live up to something like that?!) and mostly just trying to figure out new and innovative ways to make people go “ooh” and “aah” and “yay” while other things go BEWM.



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