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What do you get…

If you take Second Life, but make it quicker and easier to customize your newbie avatar, throw in some free coinage and a “level” system, and remove all ability to create your own content?

You get Avakin Life, a thing I was foolish enough to check out today.

Differences from SL: Free money when you start out, no way to sell content (because you can’t make content). Avatar choices are human and kind of elf (yay). Less laggy. Can’t fly. Animations are AWFUL all around; definitely no MoCap happening here. The environments are all very modern human world, not much in the way of fantasy worlds or NPIRL options.

Similarities: Dancing, teenagers, and Brazilians everywhere. Total strangers try to hit you up even if you don’t speak the same language. You can play for free, but you gotta pay in for the good shit.




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