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I miss you.

So the next Second Life Birthday is in planning stages. 13 already. Damn. Does that mean that this June would be my 10th rez-day?

SLBs are the hardest time of year for me to keep away from SL, because they’re some of the best of what the grid has to offer all in one convenient spot: a font of creativity and genius, without the Lab putting their dirty hands on it. It’s hard not to miss that; I would be lying if I said I didn’t.

And there are people I miss a lot too. I try to keep up on emails, or chatting with them on Facebook or Twitter, but it’s really not as easy to keep that connection without the medium on which you made the connection in the first place. I want to, though. If you see this and haven’t heard from me in a while: I miss you.

I logged on my alts once, about two weeks or so ago, to shake them down for loose change. It was a little, just under a hundred bucks, and is helping us get through a tight spot. The spots are always so tight these days. My job isn’t going so great, but I’m working and trying to further myself in it. I can’t really afford my hobbies (SCA and LARP) anymore, either in money or in time.

I do have a Fiverr gig going on now, though. After playing Undertale (which a friend got me for Xmas) I’ve wanted to live in an 8bit world a while longer, so I fired up RPGMaker and now I make custom video-game greeting cards for five bucks a pop. Nothing too fancy, but cute as hell: a custom sprite of the recipient solves a puzzle, opens a door, and gets a personalized message from the sender. You should have a look! And if you’re on the evil Book of Faces, you should like my page and share the love!

I’m tempted, speaking of Fiverr, of doing machinima videos of firework greetings like I used to do. But that would mean investing myself in SL again and I don’t think I should do that.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my world. What’s going on in yours?



4 thoughts on “I miss you.

  1. Well you know I miss you but I also understand where you are coming from in regards to things. Not that I am on SL much either. I think I spend maybe an hour a day to two hours a day on SL. Unless its a Friday I DJ or a Saturday I do blitz. I do plan on DJing the SL birthday again this year because I always enjoy that gig. 😀 Yeah the birthdays are so much fun and this years theme is a gooder. We have been preparing for NCI’s Birthday later in April. Going with an Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider theme this year. Should be fun. 🙂 But yeah RL has kept me busy and I spend more time there with family which is how it should be. 🙂 My new job almost a year there now WHOA and being close to my family has been the best ever. Although I wish I had my own place. Living with my Mum is starting to drive me crazy. LOL

  2. Busy here – Mardi Gras was great fun in my new community and I helped make decorations and put them up in 3 different sims. Then things in RL got interesting – music rehearsals, vacation, more music, and the rush of what amounted to 3 different concerts in as many days. I just logged in for the first time in weeks yesterday.

    Things changed. Old friends, new friends, miss chatting with you while tinkering with stuff.

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