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Clo Can’t Cash Out

So I’ve been trying to cash Clover out. She’s the one with the Marketplace shop and is still getting some Ls here and there for it, so about a month or two ago I tied my PayPal that I use for Mistletoe to Clover’s account as well. Grand, right?

Except, Clover isn’t allowed to sell Ls. Um okay. I read why. As best I can understand, I gotta wait 30 days. So I do. So over a month later I go to cash out and nope, still not allowed to sell Ls with this avatar. So I enter the seventh circle of Hell open a ticket.

I get a nice confirmation email, hi, we got your ticket, we’ll look into the thing, if you want to comment on this ticket you can go here OK thanks have a nice day. I’m thinking, great, they’re on it!

A few days later I get another email: “We asked you for information three days ago.” (No you didn’t, I think) “You didn’t give it to us so we’re calling your issue resolved THANK YOU DRIVE THROUGH. Oh if you want to reopen it go here to this link.”

I go to the link, same as the “if you have any questions” link, and THAT’S where they have posted their request for information (which I’ll get to in a minute). How was I supposed to have known that they’d asked me for information? They didn’t email me this information. They didn’t email me anything saying “we posted a request for information, go here to see”. None of the above. I didn’t go to the link they emailed me in the first place because I didn’t have any comments, and that according to them was the only reason to check the link.

So hey, ya wanna know what they asked me?

My real full name
Date of birth
The last four digits of my payment on file OR the amount of my last known transaction.

Now, regarding the last bit, I get a couple Ls here and a couple Ls there pouring in every day, but, if I keep the emails, I’m sure I can find the last known amount at the time that I tell you (though that will probably change by tomorrow). I *might* be able to do that.

But, no, I’m not giving my real full name and date of birth. I haven’t yet so even if I did give it to you now it wouldn’t do any good.

Not that I even knew these questions existed before they closed my ticket.

But, fuck it. I just logged on Clover and gave the Ls to Mistletoe, who can sell Ls. We doin’ the Workaround.




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