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Trying to Walk Away

I want, at this moment, to stay away from Second Life. 

I’ve never had a serious addiction and so I don’t know what it’s like to quit, but I have this “weight lifted off my shoulders” feeling ever since July.  I feel free.  I’m creating things, I’m going outside.  I still have lots of RL and stress, but mostly, I just don’t want to log in.



2 thoughts on “Trying to Walk Away

  1. Dear Misteltoe, you – and everyone else – should always do what you feel is best for your own well-being. SecondLife is not, and will never be, a life-sentence. We are in that world if we wish to be there and if we no longer wish to be there we should walk away without remorse or regrets.

    All I ask of those who leave SecondLife is two things.
    1) That they inform those with whom they have had a close friendship with of their decision and say farewell, either like you in a post on your blog or through a notecard. It is absolutely f*cking horrible not to know what has happened when a close friend suddenly stops logging in.
    2) That they do not badmouth those that have decided to continue in SecondLife.

    I am happy that you are feeling much better and that you feel free. Take care, be safe and best wishes!


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