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Presenting: the SL11B Green Guide!

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I rode the rides, got lost in the mazes, watched the movies, read the notecards, horded the freebies, got stuck in the sticky spots, climbed the stairs, viewed the posters, hopped on the pods, and now the time has come! SL11B opens today and I’ve compiled a list of my favorite exhibits.

First, of course, I gotta make a shameless plug and invite you to see my own exhibit: Philomenaville Welcomes You to the New Century. Imagine it’s a hundred years and change ago, and the wonders of the 20th century are on display at the World’s Fair, and you’ll have some idea what we’re going for. While you’re there pick up our SL11Big Hunt gift as well as a free painting from Elica Bowenford.

Now then! On to the other exhibits!


  • SL11B Beguile #10
    Drax Files fans will immediately recognize the name Barbie Alchemi. This drive-in movie theater presents the most-watched episode of Drax Files, Creations for Parkinsons, a must-see for anyone who questions the value of Second Life.
  • The Sim Scouts – Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
    A nice build, clear information, really looks like something that my niece Petal would enjoy.
  • Harambee Gwassi – Kenya Project
    You might miss this unassuming build at first. Chock full of information and freebies, this charity exhibit is worth a look.
  • Jenna McKlis’s New Concepts
    Futuristic style carnival rides with bright lights and colors. A lot of entertainment and provides a great view of the rest of the expo. A fun build.


  • Build Off World and Blender Builders

    Or as I call it, “Unicorn Tower”. An artfully done build.
  • SL11B Spellbound #18
    3D Republic has a lovely garden. Unfinished at the time I snooped, but definitely a place worth a visit.
  • SL11B Spellbound #19
    Renaissance Island presents a hedge maze with a twist: explore the maze to get freebies and to collect intelligence on a mission for Lord Lagswell. A few unfinished spots at time of snooping but that’s to be expected. Fun, engaging, and good freebies.
  • SL11B Spellbound #28
    A futuristic vision of London City, complete with a flying car at Westminster Abbey.


  • Advanced Lighting Model what can it do?
    An informative display of the Advanced Lighting Model in Second Life, and how it can be used.
  • SL11B Astound #16
    “Through the Looking Glass” describes the history of Second Life and gives it all a Wonderland flavor.
  • UFO Abduction
    Aliens! Aliens making crop circles, aliens chasing chickens, aliens tipping cows! A cute display that should bring a smile.



  • Bitacora Travel Guide
    A beautiful build, easily approachable from many sides, draws the visitor in. Love seeing the progress on this.
  • Beautiful Days
    Forever Summer has a dreamy, beautiful build and a great free prize.


  • Meet the Bronies
    Whether or not Bronies are your personal cup of tea, this exhibit is stylish, eye-catching, informative, easy to access, and well done over all.



What are your favorite exhibits at SL11B? Mention them here in the comments!



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