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Overheard in SL11B Exhibitor Chat

This is something I find rather aggravating.

[Exhibitor]can anyone tell me the exact theme of this years SL11 please? So I can name my parcel
[Staff 1]: yes it’s on the website
[Staff 1]: where you applied..
[Exhibitor]: erm okay …………
[Staff 2]:
[Staff 1]: the empires of the mind are the empires of the future
[18:38] Mistletoe Ethaniel: Other way ’round I believe

Look, I know people get asked the same question 800 million times. I know it must be frustrating. But if you’re going to point out that the person who applied should know the theme by now, I may suggest that the person who accepted the application of someone who didn’t know the theme may have some share of responsibility as well. And I may suggest that the staff who quote it (in fairness, they may not be staff, I’m just guessing) should perhaps know it as well. Until they do, perhaps they could look it up on the website.