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The (soon to be) City of Philomena

I was a bit disappointed when Antique Square closed up, being a seasonal-only build. I think Thaddeus Nadeau (of Antiques Grid Show fame) is one of the better city planners and architects out there and he’s got a real talent for making a parcel feel like home.

So when I learned that he (along with Zaida Gearbox, Nichus Berman, Charles-Phillippe de Tancarville, Steadman Kondor, and Krystine Qinan) had a new project in the works I had just three words to say: I want in. That project is the City of Philomena, a city in the skies above Love Dolls Island which takes up 5/8 of the sim. Each of the founders has a parcel in the form of a city block, and together they are collaboratively creating an early 20th century (but not really steampunk) setting.

The Elfy Dodger goes exploring.
The Elfy Dodger goes exploring.

Each of the founding members I’ve spoken to (Thaddeus, Zaida, and Charles-Phillippe) have stated how important it is to build a community and not just a series of buildings in Philomena, and each one plans at least one hangout for visitors. A park, a church, and a restaurant are among the gathering places in the works.

Zaida's church.
Zaida’s church.
Thaddeus working on the park.
Thaddeus working on the park.

So if you want to sneak a look at the soon to be city of Philomena, pop in at and say hello!

Stop in for a kip, guv'nah!
Stop in for a kip, guv’nah!
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One Elf Sitting it Out

New rule: if you’re going to call your movement a “million” or “billion” anything, you should have at least a hundred thousand people on board.

Yes it’s that time of year again, and once again I’m taking the unpopular stance that no, I will not be participating in One Billion Rising in Second Life. It’s not that I think it shouldn’t exist. People can and should do whatever they want to, and if they want to feel like they’re doing something about domestic violence and sexual assault, then very well, have at it and dance the night away my friends.

As I said last year, I appreciate the spirit in which it is meant. Speaking as a survivor, I’m glad to know people give a shit about this. For me, personally, it kind of reminds me of prayer. Yeah, you do a thing, yeah, you feel good about it, but all too often people think that this gesture is all that one has to do to actually make an impact. Back before my dad found Jesus he had a colorful phrase about praying in one hand and defecating in the other. I got nothing against people praying. I got an issue with thinking that it’s all one must do, is all.

This is all very much on the forefront of my mind lately as someone close to me is dealing with a RL problem with a former abuser, who lives halfway across the country, and their child. I think about what she’d think if she saw all these avatars dancing. Then I shake my head and get back to work, trying to help her find the legal help she needs.

By all means, dance. I’m just asking that you let the awareness raised propel you into action when you’re done.

PS: I don’t want to hear a single comment begin with “I’m so sorry”, either for me, or for her. I find that even less useful.