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The Professor Gets a Makeover

Before.  Taken about a year ago.
Before. Taken about 3 years ago.
Many of us female avatars have male alts. Strawberry has her famous partner Manberry. I have Professor Archimedes (sometimes spelled “Archimides” because I typo’ed his username when I created him) Skytower. I would log him on when he and I used to perform live music as Cat Agus Cu. That’s him on the left. I took that picture a few years ago for his birthday, and didn’t log him on much more since.

Well, lately, I decided it’s time to bring his look into 2014.


And so, I present to you, the new look for the Professor.

The prim hair was OK but mesh is the word now so I traded his prim ponytail for a mesh one at first. However the hair seemed flat and helmet-like with that style, so I decided it’s time for a different style altogether. I went with Wasabi Pills “Zack” in the blond pack.

I tweaked the shape a little bit on my own. His head was a little too small for his body before– who knows but maybe it still is, a little– but this is a real improvement, I think.

The skin is one of Sacred Skins’ “A Touch of Grey” line. I like the little bit of stubble and the thoughtful lines around the eyes. One of my favorite features of the RL version of himself is the eyes and so I really wanted to call attention to them here. The new eyes are from the incomparable Snow Frostwych and in my opinion make a fine match with the skin.


Finally, he needed a new AO that wasn’t so blocky and awkward-looking. Vista Animations and their dollarbie MoCap AO to the rescue. In time I’ll add more animations to it to make it more “him”, but for now, he’s much more fluid and realistic looking.

All in all, he doesn’t look a lot like the RL Archimides because I just wasn’t able to get his features to match up. So I decided to just go a different direction with him. He’s very handsome but still not so much of a departure from the RL version that he looks like a different man altogether. There are still enough resemblances to make me say, yep, that’s Arch.



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